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    Need Shoe Help Please

    Hey Y'all,

    I am a complete idiot when it comes to dressing. Im a 23 year old college student studying education and I teach 3 days a week. Im one of like 5 guys in the program. Rest is all sorority girls. Over the last year I have started to dress much better due to the fact that Im always in a school or class full of woman.

    Im trying to find a shoe that would pretty much go with anything (if possible). When I teach I usually wear some chinos or khaki jeans with a plain t or collared shirt. Colors always vary.

    Any recommendations? Dont want to pay too much, preferably under $100 since I will be around kids in a school a lot.




    Have you seen this article?



      Hi Raider fan: A very versatile piece of for your purposes would be a plain brown blucher shoe such as:

      The blucher design implies a sense of more casualness which will vibe well with your chinos and work environment of a teacher. Bluchers also look great with jeans. A plain design is also good because it doesn't sound like you want to start building a massive shoe collection, so it's got a more implicit subtle look to it.



        I like the look of those, thanks!

        Any input on casual sneakers would help as well.



          There are a lot of threads on here about casual shoes if you look, but you can always do some sort of boat shoe or chukka to up the ante a bit. It will just look better in most settings. Other wise look into Jack Purcells and the like.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



            I've thought the Tretorn stuff has looked nice. They seem to be on sale quite often. They have a bunch on Jackthreads right now for cheap.



              Those look good, Acoustic!

              Can get something less polished too that would look okay without routine care.