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$150 for $48 at Bonobos

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    $150 for $48 at Bonobos

    Is this worth it?

    Plus the $50 off $100 order

    Two of their dress shirts would be $74, or $37 each. Are Bonobos dress shirts worth it?



    Great find on the discount.

    I can't vouch for their dress shirts, but there pants/shorts are top-notch.



      Bonobos must have a fairly comfortable margin to be able to offer these types of discounts as often as they do. Either that or they are in trouble and are desperate to move their goods and gain some traction. Hopefully its the former and not the latter.

      Just a few weeks ago I purchased $120 gift card for $60. Still haven't used it though.

      I'm tempted to buy this (probably will). Here's to hoping they re-stock their sale section before my gift certificates expire (Pro-tip: The sales section has GREAT deals...but limited sizes that move fairly quickly).

      Unfortunately, I've never purchased any of their house-brand clothing. I've only purchased shoes and accessories that they sale that are made by other brands. What I can say, though, is that their shipping is really fast, customer service is great and they offer free shipping and returns. Its really a no-risk proposition. If you don't like it, send it back.



        I have tried to sign up for this deal, but I get a website error when I try to check out. Have other people been able to purchase this?



          $25 off first purchase! Use promo code BRP_WBA374



            I have three of their daily grind non-iron shirts. I am very pleased with them.



              all the bonobos threads other than the sticky one should be locked, in my opinion. these threads are the second-biggest spam annoyance on dappered threads.



                I just tried to buy this and I am receving the same website errro code that Dan mentioned. Is this a current deal, or has it expired?



                  This thread is a year old, and this Andy asshat bumped them with his spam.



                    I'm closing this thread, and the other revived Bonobos threads. If people want to post Bonobos related stuff, please do it in the sticky at the top of the forum.

                    @ Andy: Please do not spam links in old threads. If you must post your links, do so in the sticky. You will also have much more luck if you interact with the community and not just try to sponge referral dollars.

                    If you spam another link in an inappropriate place you will regrettably be banned.




                      You guys had me all excited that there was a new groupon type deal for Bonobos