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    Alteration Question

    First post, so bear with me. This is a very specific question, but I'm hopeful a few people here might be knowledgable. I am 5'11" 195 lbs, and generally wear a 44R. My sophomore year of college interview season was fast approaching for internships and in my young naïveté I went to Joseph A Bank and fell victim to one of their "Buy 1 get 2 free" sales. The suits were huge and boxy (not sure if that's a word) OTR, but my young overly trusting self took the salesman at his word and went ahead with the purchase. I bought a navy and gray suit that could be serviceable going forward, and have recently had the chest taken in and the pants tailored, which have made an enormous difference.

    I am still a bit displeased with the shoulders/shoulder pads. I am a relatively broad shouldered individual so I don't really need all of the assistance provided by the humongous shoulder pads in theses suits. I have done a fair bit of research here and on style forum, and know the dangers and costs involved with taking in the shoulders, but I really don't think that I am in need of that.

    Does anyone know if it is possible/reasonably inexpensive to alter the shoulder pads of a suit? I think going from the large shoulder pads to a softer shoulder would really complete the look of the suit. If doing so is out of the question I don't think the suit is unwearable as is it just kind of irks me that the shoulders look a bit too wide for my personal taste.

    Apologies again for the length and for the absurdly specific request. Thanks in advance!


    It normally costs a ton and looks like shit most of the time. It changes the whole shape and can be dangerous.

    This happened to me too one my first suits a while back so I have 3 Jos A Bank suits that sit in my closet. Sucks man.

    My tailor charges $40 to touch the shoulders.



      A cursory Google search reveals that tailors can remove the shoulder padding or likely replace it with something that's not as padded. But the shape of the shoulder might be altered beyond what you might think, so you need to be aware of that.

      In terms of cost, call some local tailors to get an idea of what they might charge.



        It will probably cost more than it is worth to alter the padding on them. I think you'd be better off following the site and just picking up a better suit down the line.



          I probably have the same 2 suits you speak of. Jos. A Bank Executive suits, navy and charcoal pinstripe. I consider them a step up from the Stafford suits that line my closet, and with that, are probably my best suits.

          Unhappy with the fit for years now, I recently took them to a tailor and he wanted $125 to do the shoulders. I decided against that, but had him shorten the sleeves and pants and they look 100% better than how JAB altered them.

          I've come to accept the boxiness of the shoulders, because everything I've tried on in the price range I want to spend are pretty much the same.



            Thanks everyone for the feedback. If I can find a tailor that I feel is competent who is asking a reasonable price (seems increasingly unlikely after reading the links above) I may go ahead and pull the trigger. If I do I will definitely take some before and after pictures to see if the Dappered community feels like it was worth the money.



              If you're set on moving forward with this, I'd really encourage you to research the best tailor in your area and bring it to them. They may charge more, but a less talented tailor could very easily ruin the suit jacket.

              If you're in a major US city, I'd call the nearest Saks, Neiman Marcus, Brooks Brothers, etc. and ask them who their business typically goes to. Alternatively, google or SF might service.



                Are there any other alternatives that might make the huge pads look a little less dramatic? It kind of seems like it is what it is, but I'm new to all this caring if clothes fit properly so I have much to learn.



                  Shoulders are basically THE area on a suit that you most often cannot alter. If I were you, I'd really save up and just start replacing those JAB suits. They're shitty suits already unless you dropped major cash for JAB's best line, which I don't think you did given you did the buy 1 get 2 free deal. So given that they're crappy to begin with and you're looking at a big bill to get them to look decent, I really think you'd be unquestionably better off if you just sucked it up for a little while and invested a few hundred in a few decent Thompson suits as they go on sale.