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What to wear with a Black shirt?

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    What to wear with a Black shirt?

    My office occasionally buys new uniform shirts for us to wear.

    The past few times have been some Land End button downs in white or blue. Easy to work with.

    This time they have ordered Black polo shirts. They are made of an athletic type material. Very light. Loose fitting. Slight sheen.

    I hate them.

    What do I pair with this shirt? Most everyone today is walking around in khakis with brown belts and shoes. It honestly doesn't look Awful... but it just looks off.

    Any help?


    Jeeze.. Black polos aren't the easiest thing to wear, especially not if they're shiny and loose fitting. I'd stick with the brown belt and shoes, but I really don't like the look of black and khakis. Maybe navy/olive chinos? I'm a little at a loss here.



      Grey pants, black shoes ?



        Grey pants and black shoes may be my best bet. My new Dockers D1 in Grey will get plenty of Friday love.

        I need to keep my eyes open for some new black shoes. For now I have a pair of square toe Kenneth Cole Reaction lace ups... and apparently that's a terrible shoe from what I read here... and on every other style blog!



          Do they have a company logo? Would anyone notice if you swapped it out for something better fitting?



            Sadly they have the company logo.



              Um, black shorts of course.

              I am going say grey pants too... maybe something with pattern in it?

              Are these shirts provided as part of a uniform service? If so they will exchange sizes or usually be willing to do alterations. If they are now 'yours' then just alter them.

              Even if they belong to the company, I would ask if they would allow you to have the shirts taken in. Management *should* understand the value in that.



                I can certainly have the shirts taken in. That wouldn't be an issue at all.

                I will have to have some of my others taken in anyway after losing some weight.

                I just want to avoid having to pay anymore out of pocket than I have to. The businiess is kind enough to provide us with the shirts. So if I want any alterations that is on me.

                Plus it is only Required one day a week. So it isn't a huge deal. I just want to look my best all 7 days of the week.



                  I don't really understand why the Kenneth Cole Reaction square toed dress shoe is basically THE shoe to get. It's like everyone complains about having one and needing to replace it! It's not just square toed shoes, it's the Kenneth Cole Reaction square toed shoe. Strange phenomenon.

                  Anyway, yeah, I'd +1 the idea of taking in the shirt. Mgmt probably wouldn't even notice that, much less care. Taking in shirts is extremely cheap, like 10-15 dollars. Polos look terrible if they're baggy, so I'd really advise you to consider it.



                    Funny thing is I like the shoe!

                    I was a bit tongue in cheek talking about replacing it. While I certainly intend to do so with something with a bit more character and quality I don't mind this shoe.

                    I have it in Brown and Black...

                    I've never been adventurous with shoes though. I recently picked up some wingtip boots and now I would love to expand my shoe collection. But I am waiting on finding some solid pieces. Wish I could thrift some... but that isn't happening... at least not at local thrift stores.

                    But on the shirt... I will most likely have it taken in and stick with grey pants/black shoes for my Fridays.



                      @Kenneth I love that the new Skimlinks system linked the words "dress shoe" in your post to a pair of floral print high heels. For a second I thought you made that link yourself and got a bit confused as to why they're "THE shoe to get"



                        I never owned a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes period. I've certainly had my style faux paus in the past, but that was a bridge never crossed.

                        Re: black shirt. Definitely grey pants (all black will make you look like you're attending a summer funeral). Express has the Photographer pants in both a lighter/standard shade of grey, and a darker shade called Motor that I want to grab a pair of.