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how many shoes?

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  • n0rm

    @aglass: Posted on another forum and I'll post it here.

    The procedure:

    1. Disinfect shoes with Lysol spray, inside and out. Wipe down to dry.

    2. Wipe down inside and out with Lexol leather wipes. If sole is leather wipe that down too.

    3. Spray Lexol leather cleaner on cloth and wipe down whole shoe, inside and out to get rid of all the embedded dirt. Product might have specific instructions on how to use.

    4. Soak a cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe the exterior of the shoe. You are doing this to get rid of all the built up polish, it also prepares the leather for conditioning.

    5. Spray leather conditioner on the shoes, spread it around with your fingers. Massage out the wrinkles. Do the same with the inside.

    6. Insert shoe tree while the leather is still wet with conditioner. Let it dry overnight. Depending on how bad the shoe is, you might have to repeat this process. I had to do this 3 nights in a row for the McAllister's toe to stop curling up.

    7. Shine your shoes. 2 - 3 coats of Meltonian followed up by a coat of Kiwi in the color of your choice. Depending on the shoe, I also "bull polish" the noses to give it that extra kick.

    8. Enjoy them!

    @Sig: no need to find a reason to "dress up", I wear them with everything even shorts

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  • Sigtweed Corduroy

    Dang n0rm...please excuse my drool...

    Never owned a pair of AE's and rarely dress up so I haven't been able to justify them yet but maybe next time around.

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  • aglass

    @Norm: What cream/polish/etc. do you use for your shoes, esp. restoring those McAllister's? They all look phenomenal.

    Good Dress:

    AE Player's Walnut (2 for $100 deal)

    AE Player's Snuff Suede ("")

    Church's Custom Grade Burgundy Oxfords (like so:,!)sE9swm(wBWBQNbqBNEC!~~60_57.JPG) ($100 on eBay)

    AE Fifth Avenue Black ($125 on Style Forum B&S)

    (In the future: A pair from and maybe some Neumora's if I get the balls to buy them for the labor day sale)

    Beater Dress:

    Florsheim Loafer Brown $70

    Florsheim Loafer Black $70 (got both these for xmas, but I'll count the cost here)


    Sebago Moss Green Boat Shoes from Bonobos (using $50 off first $100 purchase)

    Puma Blue Suede Sneaks ($30 at Puma outlet)

    Black Chuck's ($30)

    Nike Golf Shoes (gift)

    Nike Air Tiempo Cleats (bought customized in high school for $150)

    Clark's Desert Boots Beeswax ($55 amazon with coupon)

    Still need a pair of suede bucks and some more dress shoes, but not bad for what I've paid (or so I hope...)

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  • n0rm

    ^ obliged:

    Shoes that I've thrifted:

    Moreschi Monks

    Mason Executive Imperial Shell:

    Crown Aristocraft V Cleat:

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  • Acousticfoodie

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  • greg_s

    @Bobby and Sigtweed, many of us jumped on AE's 2 for $200 sale earlier this year. It was mostly seconds, but man I couldn't pass that up.

    @VanLu, no matter what people say about fashion brands, Ferragamo tends to make damn good looking drivers and loafers.

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  • VanLu504

    AE Dalton in walnut

    AE Strand in walnut

    AE Park Avenue in merlot

    AE Neumok in olive

    AE Seventh Avenue

    AE Fifth Street in Dk. Brown

    AE Neumora in Dk. Brown

    Clarks Bushacre II in Dark Brown

    Clarks Bushacre II in Grey Suede

    Gucci loafer in black

    Gucci single monk strap in light brown

    Ferragamo driver in brown

    Ferragamo loafer in navy suede

    Bally single monk strap in black

    Saks brand suede bucks

    Prada drivers in tan suede

    Random Nikes (maybe 3-4 pairs) for ultra casual days and working out.

    Forgive all the "fashion" brands. They're from a time when I didn't know anything about quality to price ratio and just bought for name, and have since converted to AE and maybe Alden in the future. But I do still love the fashion brand shoes and can't see it in me to part with any of them.

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  • thmage

    Wow, you guys have a lot of shoes!

    BR Gibson driver

    Adidas sneakers

    Ugly Docker's black dress shoe

    Gym shoes

    Flip flops

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  • Sigtweed Corduroy

    Exactly what I was thinking Bobby!

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  • bvaghela

    seriously how do you guys have all these AEs!?!

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  • Sigtweed Corduroy

    Wow, Dappered loves AE's.


    Captain Obvious

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  • Sigtweed Corduroy

    Good thread!


    Cole Haan Jayhawker wingtip in brown

    Cole Haan LunarGrand (gray suede/yellow sole)

    JD Fisk Saddle (taupe/brown)

    Bass Brockton (red suede)

    Lands End Canvas Desert Boot (brown suede)

    Robert Wayne Callahan tassel loafer (brown)

    Johnston & Murphy cap toes (black)

    Johnston & Murphy lace up (brown) (don't like, will be getting rid of)


    Timberland Earthkeeper boot (gray)

    Vans California Era 48 (burgundy)

    Vans California Old Skool (gray)

    Vans Era (blue plaid)

    Vans California chukka (tan)

    Vans Slip on (gray)

    Nike x Fragment Designs Magma (gray)

    Nike Hachi (blue)

    Converse low tops (white)

    Still looking for a penny loafer...

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  • LosRockets

    Not many, I don't have a huge need. I want another pair of boots (maybe Clarks DB or AE Daltons) just because I like them but the only other big hole I see is a pair of nice brown dress shoes (I'd like the Fifth Avenues). I'd like a pair of grey shoes but I didn't like the Florsheim No-String Wings in person so I'm okay waiting. What I have:

    New Balance gym shoes

    Sebago Hamilton boots (brown)

    Sebago Docksides boatshoes (waxy/oiled brown)

    Bostonian brown wingtip beater dress shoes

    AE Park Avenues black

    AE Players walnut

    AE Malvern brown suede

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  • Focuspants

    Walnut AE fifth avenues

    Walnut AE Strands

    Burnished Brown AE strands

    Black Boss wingtip

    Black Lands End Wingtip (my bad weather/beater shoe) Got it for $30.

    Grey Mr B's Adamis

    Blue Suede Florsheim no string wings

    Dark Brown Lands End suede chukkas

    Light Brown/Tan Suede Sperry's

    Grey suede with orange lace Lands End boat shoes

    Nike Shocks for indoor sporting activites

    Pair of New balance's for outdoor sporting activites/running

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  • tuba74

    envious of this guy- over 200 shoes-

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