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how many shoes?

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    how many shoes?

    how many shoes do you guys own? so far i have:

    the timberland earthkeepers that joe posted from the nordstrom sale (just got them today and i cant wait until it gets cool enough to wear them): hionColor=&resultback=378

    a pair of white chuck taylors that are getting better with age

    these cole haans (might not be the exact pair as i got mine from the outlets but very close):

    cole haan brown loafers

    kenneth cole black loafers (which i dont like at all - i bought them before this website. but i'm waiting for them crap out before i replace them)

    a pair of white sperry boat shoes that i bought before this website that i never wear

    i feel almost bad getting any more pairs but there are so many that i want (lol). how many pairs do you guys own? i recently read on this forum about the six or so pairs that every guy needs (i believe it was originally posted on putthison)


    I don't know if I've ever counted.

    I'd say 30-40. A good deal are Vans Authentics or Era. The rest are various casual and dress shoes/boots.



      I believe I have 16 or so. Won't need anymore for a long time. Although I am still interested in getting a pair of penny loafers, suede balamorals and boots in the far future.



        Let's see...

        AE Weybridge in black.

        AE Players in Walnut.

        Royal Tweed by Cheaney by Church (or something like that) cap toe oxford, like these.

        Florsheim No String Wing in brown leather.

        Florsheim Quince in grey.

        Sebago Hamilton in brown.

        Clarks desert boots in beeswax.

        Sperry Top-Sider Striper sneakers in white.

        Also without link :

        -Aldo sneakers in brown suede, kinda similar to Chuck Taylor's. My go-to shoe.

        -Aldo chunky wingtip boot in black.

        -Black blucher dress shoes. They are too small, I don't really wear them.

        -Tan boat shoes. I would love to wear them more often, but my heel slips in them.

        -Brown suede chukkas.

        Total count : 13.

        Stil looking for : tan boots, black dress boots, brown cap toe dress shoe, navy suede/canvas oxford/wingtip, penny loafers.



          Jessy what size shoe are you?



            @Acousticfoodie Officially 6.5D, but most of my shoes are 7.



              @Jessy: Ah nevermind. I thought you were a different size and found some nice shoes in your looking for category thrifting.



                I hardly have any compared to most here, I'm sure. The last three are for hiking and fieldwork so I rarely wear them out and about.

                old, ratty navy Puma Classic Suede sneakers(soon to be retired since I just bought..)

                navy PF Flyers Bob Cousy sneakers

                green/black/orange Saucony "Jazz" sneakers

                Cole Haan "Paul" chukkas (also new, love 'em)

                black Kenneth Cole "Reaction" square-toe dress shoes (yikes! need to be replaced with Allen Edmonds Park Avenues or similar oxfords)

                brown Kenneth Cole dress shoes (can't recall model but I hardly wear them)

                Asolo TPS 520 full-leather backpacking boots

                Vasque Breeze GTX hiking boots

                Vasque Blue trail running shoes

                Needless to say, I could stand to expand my casual shoe collection (suede bucks, boat shoes, etc.) but for now the chukkas and PF Flyers will be my primary go-to casual shoes in the office. I rarely have to dress up so don't have a need for a lot of dress shoes. That being said, it would be cool to get a pair of sharp brown wingtips (AE Strand or similar) one of these days.



                  The Good:

                  Johnston & Murphy black captoe (made in Italy, gift from Dad nearly a decade ago and never wore until now)

                  Allen Edmonds Park Avenue, burnished brown (Nordstrom sale)

                  Allen Edmonds Elgin (from the Beren heist)

                  Thrifted brown wingtips (oddly can't find any name on them but in good shape)

                  Bostonian tan suede beefroll penny loafers (thrifted)

                  Bostonian brown split toe bluchers (thrifted)

                  The Casual:

                  Sperry Topsiders

                  LEC brown suede chukkas

                  Brooks running shoes

                  Vasque hiking boots

                  The Ugly:

                  Johnston & Murphy square toe slip-ons (I think the official name is "J&M F*****g Disgusting Loafers")

                  Ecco sad old man-ish shoes

                  I'm still looking for some black brogues. I might be interested in some brown brogue boots, brown suede bluchers, and burgundy longwings at some point in the future. For the moment I'm totally set, though.



                    Oh yeah, I forgot, I got flip-flops. In my defense, they were free. It's not like I bought them, right?



                      The Really Good:

                      Mason Shell LWB #8 thrifted

                      Johnston & Murphy Aristocraft LWB V Cleat Walnut thrifted

                      Florsheim Royal Imperial LWB V Cleat Black Cashmere Calf

                      Keith Highlanders LWB Chili Brown thrifted

                      Florsheim Imperial Shell LWB #8

                      Alden for Brooks Shell Wingtip Burgundy

                      Cordwainer Wright Cap Toe Merlot thrifted

                      The Middle:

                      AE Park Avenue Black thrifted

                      AE Strand Walnut

                      AE Elgin Brown

                      Antonio Maurizi Dbl Monk Mahogany

                      Antonio Maurizi Cap Toe Dk Brn

                      Antonio Maurizi Wingtip Cognac

                      AE McAllister Merlot thrifted

                      Barneys NY Cap Toe Blk

                      Barneys NY Chukka Blk

                      Barneys NY Zip Boots Brn

                      1901 Suede Wingtip Boot Brown

                      Chuck Taylor Dk Blue

                      Chuck Taylor Lt Blue

                      The MYEH

                      Florsheim Veblen Gray

                      Rockport Waterproof Boots

                      Columbia Bugaboo Boot

                      Nike Hi Tops

                      Rockport Sneakers

                      ASICS 2150

                      ASICS Trail Runners

                      Timberland Earthkeepers Moc Toe Brn

                      thinking of getting Daltons or the Alden equivalent.



                        @n0rm: o_0 that's a very impressive collection!



                          It's getting a bit sad over here as the collection grows considering I have a necessarily casual job:

                          Allen Edmonds Dalton in walnut

                          Allen Edmonds Players snuff suede

                          Allen Edmonds strawfuts in brown

                          Aldo Mr. B Blakes in burgundy

                          J&M Brennans in taupe nubuck

                          Slip on longwings by a now defunct (I think) higher end line by Bed Stu

                          Varvatos dress chukkas in brown

                          2 pair Sperry boat shoe/chukkas: one grey suede, the other brown leather with brown wool

                          Oak sreet boot makers blue suede "trail Oxford"

                          Mercanti Firoentini double monks in walnut

                          Red Wing Iron Rangers

                          Vintage Florsheim Imperial shell cordovan longwings

                          A variety of casual shoes such as all stars, onitsuka tigers, chacos and some various activity-specific shoes.

                          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                            Acoustic, what shoes did you find?



                              wow lots of us here have more than just the "basics" it seems lol. Perhaps a better question the heck do you all store them!

                              @nftmlk found a pair of 8D ballys and Redwing boots!