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Indochino is coming to Chicago

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    Indochino is coming to Chicago

    Hey all,

    Indochino very nicely asked me to share this without bribing me or compensating me, and since I like them, here we are:

    They've done their Traveling Tailor tour in Canada, and now they're coming to the US for the first time via Chicago. Let's just say I wish I still lived in Milwaukee for this. A lot of concerns about online MTM stem from self-measurement limitations, and this is a good way to sidestep that.

    They'll have a pop-up shop in Union Station's Great Hall - a photogenic location, to be sure. Another plus is that it will be going on for a week, which will make it easier to find a time that works for you and set up an appointment.

    Here's the link:

    I'd be curious to know if any of you will be going!


    Just noticed too that if you order a suit there, they throw in a tie, tie bar, pocket square, and cufflinks. And I like their ties...

    Again, not a Dappered endorsement, but a big fan.



      Good stuff. Hope they make a trip to DC sometime. Very pleased with my first suit and will be ordering another sometime. Also like my tie.

      My cocktail videos >



        Hmm, I just picked up all 3 colors of the factory thompson suits, but I may return one and check this out. With a 46 inch chest and 34 waist(usually have to buy 36 so my thighs fit), my options for non-custom suits are extremely limited. I'm curious to see how one of these would turn out. I was able to get some pretty good deals on the thompson suits - is anyone familiar with both the indochino and thompson suits?




          If you're happy with the Thompson, I wouldn't return it. If you're having a hard time finding a good OTR fit, Indochino is perfect for many folks. Still, I think their styles work best with slim fellows while more traditional suit makers tend to work better for bigger guys.



            I would have loved to do this, alas I just bought an indochino and it should be arriving this coming week.



              Hopefully you like it so much that you get another! I'm finally getting some use out of my black three piece now that I'm moonlighting as a limo driver at night. I got so many looks yesterday from women and drag queens that I was in a state of shock.



                Landscaper up at 6am? Limo driver? Constant wardrobe changes? Fess up, NC, you're a spy.



                  Hehe, I'm a hustler! Gotta get that dollar!



                    I'm tempted to go, but I'm not really in the market for a suit right now (have a gray and a blue and only wear them socially). I may want to replace my tuxedo (bought before I knew about fit) at some point in the future, but not just yet.

                    Still, I guess it wouldn't hurt to get measured if there's no necessity to buy.



                      Thanks for the notice--I've made an appointment for Thursday evening. Should be interesting!