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Recommend a Plain White polo

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    Recommend a Plain White polo

    I just started a high end security job and it is pretty crucial to dress well considering the clients, uniform is a white polo no labels, khaki pants. Trationally, I grew up on abercrombie but it's time to be a man and wear something better. And on top of that, lately all their clothes seem to be sewn for tall anorexics. I'm 5'9ish 170. Need something thats comfortable I can work in all day and show off the muscles a little bit.

    started this off with a easy question and made it a little more complicated.. have fun! Recommend me some big boy clothes stores while you're at it...


    Uniqlo. Mine is perfect in white - slim fit, no logo. If you don't live near NYC, you can have Suddenlee pick it up in store and mail it to you.

    Other options would include Lands End Canvas. For security, I tend to see mesh polos the most. I don't see their Heritage Mesh Polo on their website any longer, but you might find it in store. Here's an alternative: