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Please explain winter dress boots for the office?

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    Please explain winter dress boots for the office?

    I never understood the concept of dress boots for the winter which are suitable for daytime office wear (business casual - shirt and slacks). I read about them on forums and magazines as a recommendation so you don't ruin your oxfords in the snow/salt, but I simply cannot picture dress boots being appropriate for the office (or looking right with dress pants).

    My current perspective is that you can wear whatever boots you need to walk to work, but once you're in the office, only normal dress shoes will work (oxfords, dress loafers, etc.). Nothing else looks right in my mind.

    Can anyone provide some perspective, or show some examples of which boots would look right with collared shirt and slacks? Are we just talking leather chelsea boots here, or are there more?



    YOur question is good, but also in a way ambiguous. There are other factors to consider as well, geographical area, what type of slacks your talking about wearing, office culutre, etc and the outfit you choose also plays into the shoe you wear. The leather chelsea is a great boot, but i wouldnt reccomend it for snow, its a good winter shoe if your not going to experience alot of snow and rain. I think something like these if your office culture is somewhat casual , or something like these for a more businessy feel . I would recommend something more price range appropriate, but those are just to illustrate my points. Also, you will want to rock those with heavier wool, tweed pants, a substantial boot requires a substantial pant? happy hunting!!

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      Here are some articles from A Suitable Wardrobe that can hopefully give you some inspiration. I think the first link particularly addresses the question in your second paragraph.



        A few more.

        Final note: those Gaziano & Girling boots are straight fire. I understand that you (probably) and I can not afford such footwear. The links are simply meant for inspiration.