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Where to find nice, solid colored dress shirts?

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    #16, for sure. Personally, I think they're great shirts, and they fit right in your budget.



      I like BB, but their clearance generally excludes the staple solid colors.

      I would make a specific list of the kind of collar you want, cuffs, pocket or not, etc. and stick to it so that you don't buy an on-sale shirt that doesn't actually meet your criteria. And never stray from your size just because of a deal! You've got time. Deals come up, so you can just keep your eyes peeled.



        @all: thanks for the advice. I'm going to be checking CT incessantly. Going to make my way back to Nordstrom Rack next week also. If I can get my hands on some of that floppy measuring tape I'll send in measurements of my shirts for an affordable MTM place. I agree that over a long period of time it'll be worth it but one of the things going against them for me is that I sweat a lot and stain collars pretty easily.

        @NC: that's good advice, I need to stick to that. For me it's a semi-spread type collar, no pocket, button cuffs, ideally no center pleats...and I'm hoping that since I do have time I'll find things that fall into this range for me.



          If you don't mind going second-hand, visit a thrift store like Goodwill. I see about 80% of the dress shirts there are dry cleaned prior to being donated, and you can get some good deals. Just check out the list of stuff I posted on the Thrifting Thread here:



            Charles Tyrwhitt just sent an e-mail advertising a pretty great sale, here are the sale items for the Tailored Fit collection (their slimmest fit):




              So I've been looking around and I just wanted to toss a followup question. What materials should I be looking for in the descriptions? I know to avoid oxford for dress shirts. Will pinpoints generally be light enough for a dress shirt material or should I stick to things that say broadcloth or poplin?



                The best dress shirts will be 100% cotton. If you like non-iron shirts like myself then it will have a few % of spandex or whatever they use to avoid wrinkles.

                If you want a casual shirt, then your choice of fabric gets broader: cotton, linen, silk, and their various permutations.

                I recently found that BR dress stretch slim fit shirt fit me really well as well as some J. Crew shirts. Check them out if you can.

                Whatever you get, try to stay away from synthetic materials.



                  Banana Republic factory store with their slim fit/non-iron shirts can be had for around $30 with sales and/or coupons. Follow their facebook page if you've got one near you.



                    If you want to give Express another shot, there's a sale going on right now at Express where you can stack deals to get their 1MX shirts for about $25/per, if you're willing to buy 2.

                    BOGO gets you two shirts for $80, and promo code 1753 gets you $30 off $70.

                    Personally, I like the fabric and fit, but I dry clean only, no/light starch, and sparingly.



                      Definitely 100% cotton unless it's got a bit of spandex or whatever for stretch, I guess what I meant is what type of weave should I be looking at? I'll check out BR and Express again since they're right next to each other and I'm heading that way today. Can't really afford so much dry cleaning though :| In my experience w/ a couple of BR shirts, they tend to look kind of shiny and worn after a short while and don't really clean out as easily, but maybe things have changed.

                      Thanks again




                        dry cleaning your shirts is definitely an overkill. They can handle washing machines just fine but if you want to be more careful with them just handwash them like many on this forum...

                        I haven't heard that BR shirts start looking shiny after a while - can somebody else confirm/deny this, please? I'm curious because I'm about to get a few more of BR shirts and I would like to know if that's the case before I do that.

                        A few people mentioned that Express shirts shine especially after you iron them... I've noticed this about a few Express shirts I got myself and now I just air dry them on a hanger and they never need to be ironed but if I do, I iron them from the inside out... Who cares if they shine on the inside, right? :-)

                        As for the weave, get what you like the most. The reason there are so many weaves, single-ply/two-ply etc etc is to give us, the customers, the variety. So, go ahead and pick what you think looks the best to YOU.



                          Point of information... The spandex is for stretch, the polyester is to save money, and the non-iron quality comes from a coating. BB, for instance, has a huge selection of wrinkle-free 100% supina cotton shirts.



                            I have a number of BR slim fit non-iron shirts. I've had a few of them for more than two years - some prints, some solids. Not one has gotten shiny. I wash at home, and even though they're "non iron" I definitely have to iron them. (There are a few that are okay if I hang immediately after removal from the drier.)

                            I do NOT have any of the stretchy ones, because in any brand I've used, stretchy fabrics get shiny after time.



                              I believe mine was a bit on the stretchy side to begin with, which could have been the issue.



                                @NC, thanks for the info!

                                @tarmac - skip the dryer - hang them right after the wash cycle and let them air dry.