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    When shopping for a season where your wardrobe is a little lacking, I think you also need to ask yourself how urgently you need a particular piece.

    Arbitrarily, let's say you don't own any v-neck sweaters and in October you find one you really like for a decent-but-not-spectacular sale price ($40, say) at BR. In that case, I think it makes sense to just pull the trigger, rather than waiting for it to go on clearance at a time when you also have a coupon--AND still hoping it's available in your size and color.

    I guess what I'm saying is that, when it comes to wardrobe essentials that you don't have, sometimes the goal isn't to get a piece at an absolute rock bottom price but to get it a price that represents decent enough value because you need it pretty badly and will get good immediate use out of it. I think extra-choosy bargain hunting (which might require sitting tight til mid- or end-season) works best when you already have a well-rounded wardrobe for that season.



      That's a great point. And, your example is spot on. Not a sweater to my name.



        Haha. "V-Neck Sweaters" links to a Moog Strut Mount at Advance Auto Parts.



          Hahaha that's hilarious.



            Man, I can't imagine not owning any sweaters. They're easily the thing that brings all my other pieces together. Wear them with denim/chinos, over shirts and ties, under blazers and winter coats. I'll almost always, weather permitting, wear a v-neck (though I own a handful of crews).

            Anyway, You can get the sweaters you mentioned pretty much anywhere from now through the end of winter, and various places run sales at various points, but in particular I'd suggest keeping an eye out for Gap/BR's frequent 30-40% off sales, and Express' end of season sales - they'll start blowing out their sweaters for some pretty low prices with several months of winter left - usually in mid-December - and their merino ones tend to fit really well. If you're not intent on getting a $70 sweater for $20, they often have BOGO 50% off and spend X, get Y off sales that drop the prices substantially as well. If you can find a good fit, Old Navy sweaters are decent, come in about a billion colors, and cost ~$15 or less on sale, too. Target's sells quite a few decent looking ones, as well, and LEC should go without saying. Come December/January, a lot of the new stock is going to wind up deeply discounted.

            Cords... uh, I'm not sure, really. Last season, LEC sold a bunch. This season, that doesn't seem to be the case. I don't really wear cords, so it's difficult for me to say, but if I were looking for a pair, I'd probably check: LL Bean Signature (kind of pricey imo), J Crew/Factory, and maybe Old Navy. I saw H&M selling a bunch last winter, so that'd definitely be a spot to go, but obviously the quality can be spotty, even though the price is right. I dunno how big a stickler you are on that.



              The main thing to look out for is when stores have their end of the season final sale clearances. These aren't usually advertised online tho. I remember I was able to get cords and merino wool sweaters at BR for 12 bucks each during the last one.



                Oh right, yeah, that too! BR's sale section is pretty solid online by the end of the season, but their in-store ones are... absurd. I also have a $12 purple argyle merino cardigan I picked up a while ago. In my experience, Gap can be the same way, but as the prices at Gap are a lot lower to begin with, it's not quite as eye-popping as getting an $80 sweater for $15 or less at BR. Anyone know of any other stores where visiting B&M locations can get you a much better deal?



                  is there anything wrong with this:


                  what could it be worn with in a business casual setting? i'm thinking about getting it but i dont know if it's just because it's cheap or if it's because i really want it...

                  also, joe posted these:


                  how versatile are they? can they be an everyday shoe for business casual?

                  these were posted at effortlessgent:


                  which one do you guys like more?



                    The in-store advice is great -- I had no idea that they could be better than the on-line deals. You're right, pitseleh, I should get one to just have it on hand (though I won't need it until October at the earliest.) I used to just, um... wear sweatshirts.



                      I have found In-store to always have better deals. At Gap/BR, in their clearance section, you can find a bunch of things under $10 if its your size.

                      Same thing goes for Target. Check out their clearance section. I know the Webster collection that's on clearance now is much cheaper in-store than online.

                      J.Crew's sale section is usually always cheaper than online, but the selection is limited. I've seen $40 sale items online be priced for $20 in-store.

                      At Macy's, it's about sifting through all their sales racks and hoping you get lucky. There is a lot of crap. These become great places for deals during their one day sales with the various stackable discounts.

                      I was disappointed that Nordstrom is basically the same online as in-store. Nothing really different and they both pretty much carried the same items and priced it the same.



                        Great advice by Standard Deviance...

                        "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



                          Bobby V...

                          In my humble opinion:

                          -That Target sweatshirt is probably going to look a little weird in a business or business casual setting. Stick to more of a sweater.

                          -Both of those wingtips are great, versatile and well priced. I think the top one is probably a little bit more formal and would work with everything from jeans to suiting where as the second one would probably top out with chinos. Primarily because, in my opinion the color is a just too light. But we're really splitting hairs here, either one would serve you splendidly. If you wear more suiting and chinos get the first, more chinos and jeans, probably the second. I personally prefer the first.

                          "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



                            Here's your deal on those Tyndals...25% off at Shoe Mall

                            Deal at ShoeMall - 25% off plus free shipping. Use code TAKE25


                            "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



                              Dappered is awesome about posting deals, but I know here's what I'm on the lookout for over the next few months in case this gives you any inspiration for fall/winter items.

                              Navy or grey v neck

                              Navy or wine/burgandy cardigan

                              Navy classic peacoat

                              Grey heavy chinos

                              Rich khaki/earth fine wale cords

                              Epic wollen sportcoats



                                @hon, nice list for sure. My only issue would be your use of the word "or" when I believe you mean "and" haha.

                                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano