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    Dark Navy Tie

    I need a new plain navy tie. I do not really like silk ties so I am looking for cotton/linen/wool.

    I normally buy all my ties from TheTieBar but they dont have this.

    Any suggestions?


    I bought a 3" wide one from Tie Bar in wool, which I'll look forward to wearing in autumn: yPages%2FAll_Ties%2Easp&pg=0&categoryIds=31,22,61& optionValueIds=

    They also have a 3.25" version that's slightly longer (63").





        I know you said you don't like silk, but you may look into this:

        Definitely not your normal "silk" look, more of a matte with a slight pattern to it. It's 8.5 cm (a little over 3.25", not 'skinny' (which I don't wear), but also doesn't look wide either) and definitely one of my favorite ties.



          Another (admittedly silk) option which is not like a normal silk/satin tie is the grenafaux.

          It is not shiny like most silk ties, and it has some texture. It can also be worn year-round, unlike cotton, linen, and wool. I love the one I have, it goes with everything. I would suggest The Knottery's true grenadine, but it is sold out.



            Thanks all.

            These are some good options.



              Check your local TJ Max, they might have some option. Express and Macys carry nice non-silk ties also. Dark navy shouldn't be too hard to find.



                bruschetta got the grenadaux and really disliked it. :-/

                I'm having a hard time not recommending the Indochino pindot in navy, but it's silk too.

                There are lots of knit navy ties out there, even at the TieBar.



                  Knit Navy ties in wool or cotton are very common and can usually be found in thrifts for pretty cheap



                    nicholascrawford, I don't remember that. Are you sure it was me? Admittedly, I've gone through ~6 ties from, but I thought my memory was better.

                    Edit: I looked up my order history. I like the Grenfaux -- I did not like the knitted version which a little cheap looking.

                    The Grenfaux posted above is not the one that I have. The one that I have is 3" and the product ID number is 33523.

                    Publicname, check out this solid tie from It's textured so that it does not look as shiny as a regular silk tie. You might also like this <a>wool and silk herringbone</a> tie. I have the burgundy version.



                      Knottery grenadine in navy blue should be back this month or next (at least that was what they said a month ago). I got the brown, and love it, and will get the blue as soon as it shows up. It's more expensive than tie bar (which I like as well), but it's a badass tie. "Put This On" guy reviewed it and liked it (he prefers a different lining, though).



              's probably my memory. I dug up this post:

                        But I think you also posted after getting the ties...



                          This is what I was thinking of too, but I think it proves that I completely made up that fact:



                            The Knottery grenadines are back in stock in navy and burgundy. Didn't last long the first time.