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    Fall purchases

    Beefcake just mentioned how he intends to buy a denim jacket for fall. What do other people have on their fall purchase list.

    Mine includes:

    Tweed blazer

    Navy wool suit

    grey jeans

    wingtip boots


    Good thread idea. I have some plans in the works already.

    In order if priority:

    Clarks Desert Boots (in Beeswax sucka!)

    Grey Cardigan (LEC)

    Grey Wool Suit (Suit Supply, hopefully taking a trip to NYC to get the works done next month, I suggest checking out suit supply)

    Olive chinos (Rugby, they have a friends and family sale every year in early Dec.)

    Grey chinos (Rugby)

    Navy cords (Rugby)

    and I really want to try out the new Levi's 513 jeans. I may cop a pair of those.



      @Albert, my plans are similar to yours.

      Clarks Beeswax desert boots - already ordered and received

      Charcoal Cardigan (LEC), just ordered today

      Dockers Alpha Khaki in New British color, received today

      V-Neck sweater undecided on brand.

      Grey suit from Indochino

      Jacket of some sort, undecided as of style/brand yet.



        I just posted some of mine at, but here is a summary:

        Boots (Wolverine 1000 Mile original)

        Waxed cotton field coat (Barbour or similar)

        New denim (Tellason)

        Basic sweaters (v-neck and cardigan)

        Oxford cloth button downs


        I just received a navy wool suit ordered during Nordstrom's anniversary sale, so that's taken care of.



          Clarks Desert Boots - in red

          V-neck sweater (I'm thinking gray)

          I already bought two sweaters a few weeks ago through the LEC Classifieds sale.



            @dahonam, be careful with Indochino suiting. I have heard really great things about their system, but I've also heard some serious horror stories as well. Just a warning, I've never bought personally.



              i am looking for a good pair of suede or leather Chukkas (some shade of brown of course). I was building my fall wardrobe since spring, and pretty much have what i need but the chukkas are an elusive shoe to get cheap...any recs gentlemen?

              "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                @Maxman I know theres a fineline between chukkas and desert boots but... Clarks!

                As for my list... it just grows and grows, I think I should take a break from dappered and other style blogs, too many ideas..

                LL Bean Duck Boots (either 8inch or the mocs)

                Lightweight Raincoat

                Light brown brogues (something like the walnut Strand pref. with a wingtip)

                Navy blue medium gingham dress shirt

                blue cotton sportcoat

                and to cap it all off I have one of the last indochino coupons for 150... any suggestions as to what to get?



                  @MaxMan, Get the Beeswax Clarks DB's. I've read a lot of good things about them and how they are superior to suede. Here are some links to entice you.


         (Scroll down to the Clarks DB mention).




                    @Frank, I don't know your size, but these fit your description.


                    I have tons of RSS searches running for ebay shoes. It's the only way I buy quality footwear.

                    Just call me Saint Hubbins (for those of you that get that reference).



                      @Albert, Those AE are FIRE!!!! My Goodness, I damn near lost my mind when i saw them...Also, whats this RSS search thing...enlighten me please?

                      "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



                        Yes, do tell of these RSS searches... alas my size is a 12 or 11.5 and I can't fit those.



                          If you read Put This On this is how Jessie and Derek get their ebay rundown. Basically, you type in all the items you're searching for in the ebay bar and click search (type in anything you want, I type in shoe brand names). After you click search what you'll have in your address bar is a URL to that search. You can then save that URL to your favorites and just click it whenever you want to run that identical search. Since things change on ebay frequently, the search will pull up different things each time you do it. You can put this into an RSS feed (Google reader, for example) and anytime anything new comes up it will show up on your RSS feed. I just click on it in my favorites bar though.

                          At the risk of giving away all my potential shoe buys, here is my shoe search link:

                 Men%2527s%2529=11%252E5&_nkw=%28%22edward+green%22 %2C+peal%2C+%22brooks+brothers%22%2C+alden%2C+ling wood%2C+lobb%2C+vass%2C+testoni%2C+edmonds%2C+mcaf ee%2C+church%2C+hermes%2C+crispin%2C+zegna%2C+sant oni%2C+faconnable%2C+ferragamo%2C+sutor%2C+mantell assi%2C+%22shell+cordovan%22%2C+%22purple+label%22 %2C+trickers%2C+grenson%2C+crockett%2C+gravati%2C+ kiton%2C+tramezza%2C+sargent%2C+weston%2C+lattanzi %2C+heschung%2C+balint%2C+scafora%2C+valextra%2C+b ranchini%2C+bontoni%2C+bemer%2C+aubercy%2C+corthay %2C+Dinkelacker%2C+%22paul+stuart%22%2C+asprey%2C+ tods%2C+etro%2C+sander%2C+carmina%2C+albaladejo%2C +%22paul+smith%22%2C+martegani%2C+altan%2C+artioli %2C+barrett%2C+bestetti%2C+stefanobi%2C+borgioli%2 C+cheaney%2C+cleverly%2C+ducker%2C+donegan%2C+gazi ano%2C+guyot%2C+klemann%2C+loake%2C+maftei%2C+melk ersson%2C+moreschi%2C+materna%2C+meier%2C+myhre%2C +pape%2C+peron%2C+petrocchi%2C+reiter%2C+scheer%2C +schneider%2C+stanislas%2C+suzuki%2C+crisci%2C+ugo lini%2C+vogel%2C+yanko%2C+tyrwhitt%2C+shipton%2C+h eneage%2C+%22ralph+lauren%22%29+-sneaker*+-canvas*+-flop*+-trainer*+-sandal*+-chaps+-tennis&_trkparms=65%253A10%257C66%253A3%257C39%253 A6&rt=nc&_catref=1&_dcat=93427&_trksid=p3286.c0.m1 4.l1581&_pgn=2

                          Save this link in your favorites bar and all will be well in your world. Yes, it's long because I search for a ton of shoes at once.



                            @Frank, 11.5 here you go. Beat up, but still look good and at a great price for C&J.




                              @Albert Thanks for the info!