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    Zara Double Monks

    Hi all, Long time read but first time poster here.

    Does anyone have any experience with the ZARA Double Monks?

    They look decent on the website for $99. I am looking to let them get beat up and wear them casually similar to the article from the last GQ issue so I would prefer they not fall apart immediately since I intend to be a bit rough with them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Those do look pretty nice....I'm quite curious as to how they'd stack up against my Mercanti Fiorentinis.

    Also, this:



      Disappointed to see that they're all sold out.

      Lol @kronak, thanks for sharing that. Just please don't wear the monks with one buckle undone, that raises my blood pressure.



        Oh god, I would never wear them with one buckle undone - its worse than walking around with untied shoe laces.

        Also, I noticed in the GQ article that there are also some black ones from Aldo that look promising:



          Agreed. I definitely do not have the je ne sais quoi to pull off an unbuckled monk... I'm finding it hard to get good reviews on the shoe. there is a Zara store near me so I may have to go look in person.



            I saw these in-store on Sunday, and wasn't too impressed. The corrected grain leather appeared to wrinkle and crease really badly, as the store model looked extremely haggard. They looked like they would fall apart really quickly, as the soles didn't appear to be glued to the uppers with much longevity in mind. I would put your $99 towards something actually welted, and with full grain leather, rather than correct grain.



              Do you have any suggestions, Zach? I, too, was interested in those monks prior to your description.



                DSW has an Aldo Dbl Monk for $69, unfortunately it's as flimsy or even flimsier than the Zara one.

                If you're lucky you might find some Antonio Maurizi's on clearance for $90 at DSW.



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                    I like how Zara just calls them "Shoe with buckles"



                      Mercanti Fiorentini has a decent monk for sub 200, if I recall correctly. Alternatively, if you're willing to gamble a bit on sizing it properly the first time, this is likely the absolute best value for the money:


                      Vis-a-vis the "shoe with buckles" thing, Zara is a Spanish company, that's the parlance in Spain. Meermin, you'll notice, also calls them buckled shoes as they too are based on Spain (well, Mallorca, but whatever). I think "monk strap" is one of those weird idiomatic expressions that doesn't translate well :P.



                        Haha, I went closet-digging when I saw that GQ post.

                        I have a pair of Zara double monkstraps that I bought in 2010. They're still in amazing condition.

                        They're actually one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I've worn.



                          Allen Edmonds Nuemoras are on sale for $179 right now if you order through the shoe bank.



                            @dmencha Nuemora firsts?

                            My cocktail videos >



                              @tdig Seconds unfortunately. I bought a pair of seconds in the recent 2 for $300 sale and they turned out great though, if thats any reassurance.