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First sport jacket: Cord or herringbone?

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    First sport jacket: Cord or herringbone?

    I'm eyeing up my first sport coat, and I've narrowed it down to two J. Crew (one factory) options I like, and were both recommended at different times by Dappered. I'd probably go with the darker cord jacket, just kinda suits me better I feel. 24441808825&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302044511 &nav_type=FACTORY&bmUID=1344380593704

    I really like both of them, and with the SHOPNOW promotion they both come to around ~$130. Any thoughts? FWIW I'd most likely be dressing these down with jeans and button-down collar...though some casual suggestions couldn't hurt!


    Herringbone ALL. DAY. LONG!



      My instinct would be to go with the herringbone. Both are casual-ish jackets, and relatively seasonal (fall/winter). Both would go well with jeans and boots. But to me, the herringbone is more versatile. Wear it with wool trousers, light shirt, dark tie, and you will be perfectly appropriate for a conservative business setting. The cord jacket is pretty much stuck in strictly casual territory.

      I've got nothing against cord jackets... my J.Crew Factory one is a favorite for fall and winter. But it makes a better 3rd or 4th sportcoat, not a 1st and only.




        Wow that was fast! Another upside to the herringbone would be that if the outlet near me is carrying it, I can at least go try it on since it's standard sizing (that's what it's called right?). Though, I could return the cord if I order online.

        Do you think the herringbone would work the way I mentioned? Dressed down how I mentioned?




          Also makes sense. I rarely wear a jacket for work now, but it certainly will happen, might be good to have an option aside from a suit.



            **Double posted, whoops.



              HERRINGBONE for sure. Since they're both classic and can be found fairly easily in most places, I would have to say herringbone since it is more versatile.

              Another classic jacket is tweed, but I have found that while there are many tweed jackets out there, it is highly dependent on whether you find the pattern, colors, and shade attractive or not. Keep in mind that tweed is more informal than herringbone though. Thrifting is a good way to find jackets, but it might be harder to find than Harris Tweed ones (which I would go for if you have the budget).



                emarxnj, I own older iterations of both of those jackets. The corduroy jacket went down to ~$50 when it hit the final sale section last year. That's about what it's worth. It's a nice beater jacket. The herringbone got down to ~$100.

                I personally prefer herringbone jackets: I have one probably-too-expensive one, and then the J.Crew one for rainy days.



                  Another vote for herringbone - it just seems more versatile.

                  I have the regular Jcrew ludlow version of the above that I picked up for ~ $200. I like it minus the skinny lapels. (Jcrew's ludlow fit is perfect on me except for that).

                  $188 is high for the factory piece - I'd try to wait for a 20-30% off coupon or so.



                    Lots of responses, thanks guys. I think I'm gonna go for the herringbone. I might go try on the jacket in-store, and then order online with the 30% coupon. I know it's kind of a dick move...I'll probably buy a sweater or something though, like a consolation prize.

                    @bruschetta--I'm guessing that sale happens towards the end of the Spring though, right?