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TJ Maxx Fall merchandise finds

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    TJ Maxx Fall merchandise finds

    My goal this fall is to enhance my sweater collection. I remember a couple of years ago to literally wade through tons and tons of nice merino amd cashmere sweaters from designer names for 20-50 bucks, but for some reason, I only bought 1.

    This time, my goal is to buy a few. The convenience of a TJ over online is that I can try them on.

    Any reports of when fall/winter merchandise will start arriving in these types of stores?


    I don't know about fall merch BUT all of the TJX brand stores around here have tons of Brooks Brothers, Ted Baker and Tommy Hilfiger silk ties for $9.99.

    I have something of a tie fetish so needless to say I went wild.

    ALSO: Not clothes related but they have lots of 'gourmet' ketchups for $3.99 and under. All of the ones around here have Melinda's brand. I recommend Melinda's Naga Jolokia Ketchup. It's spicy but not too spicy and has a good rich flavor. You won't go back to regular ketchup.

    AND they had a beautiful leather (real) tufted chesterfield love seat for $299 (down from like $2000) but I don't have a way to get it home.

    Oh yeah..back to clothes.

    If you're looking for inexpensive designer sweaters check out Rugged Warehouse if you have one nearby. Usually I can get good, brand-named sweaters for under 15 bucks. BUT...make sure you TRY EVERYTHING ON! They often get factory seconds and don't necessarily mark them as such. They have a good return policy so not a huge deal but trying the stuff on can make it less of a headache.



      Found this the other day:

      I've always had a great time at TJ Maxx/Marshalls. Plenty of 100% Cotton Levi 505/514's in a dark rinse for $24.99 this summer (got some clearenced down to $15).

      As for sweaters, I've always had good luck with the local Goodwill / thrift stores. Plenty of gently used cotton/silk/merino wool/cashmere sweaters for next to nothing! Very easy to hand wash and clean them up! Also check out Target as they had some merino sweaters on clearance a few months ago and my friend bought some and they are not bad at all.