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Where to shop: London & Paris

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    Where to shop: London & Paris

    Hey guys, I know these threads pop up somewhat frequently and aren't of much interest unless you live or are travelling to the area, but can anyone recommend any discount shops or secondhand/thrift shops in London or Paris? Or brands that perhaps are only available in Europe?

    I plan to dedicate a day in each city to shopping and don't have the coin for a fitting on saville row. The NYC and other threads are pretty helpful. I know the two cities are expensive but I'm dreaming that maybe, as our stores in the states are already rolling out Fall attire, I might be able to pickup some European brands summerwear on sale. The only shop I've specifically been recommended is to checkout TK Maxx, the British counterpart to our TJ Maxx. I'm wondering if there might be an equivalent to NYC's Century 21 or something of the like?

    As always, thanks!


    In Paris you could check out Celio, I have a couple of sweaters from there that I like. There is one on Rue de Rivoli, near the Chatelet Metro.

    For thrift stores, check out Rue de Rosiers in the Marais, I have picked up a lot of stuff down there. There are a few vintage/thrift shops close together. Also make sure you visit L'as du Fallafel on the same street, best fallafel in the world IMHO.

    Other things to pick up in Paris that don't cost the earth: If you like to cook, Fleur de sel (hand gathered sea salt) is available for next to nothing. Buy a lot, because once you use it you will not go back, and it is mightily expensive in the States.

    Savon de Marseilles, unbelievably good soap that has been made in the same area for 600 years. It costs the earth here, but is cheap as chips in France.

    Both are available at any Monoprix (a mid/high end French supermarket)

    I would also take some time to visit a Uniqlo, either in Paris or London, if you don't have access to one over here.



      +1 on the fleur de sel. It is an amazing step up for something as simple as salt.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano