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Fashion high quality! Plantronics BACKBEATGO headset 600 yuan

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    Fashion high quality! Plantronics BACKBEATGO headset 600 yuan

    Plantronics is famous technology companies a Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth headset either humane or standby, built-in technical indicators have a very high standard for everyone to bring today - Plantronics force BACKBEATGO Bluetooth 3.0 + A2DP specification, with

    The smart phone is very appropriate, the current price of 600 yuan.

    Plantronics BackBeat Monster Beats Hot Sale Bluetooth transmission protocol can be equipped with mobile phones, tablet PCs, devices and MP3 can provide up to 4.5 hours of continuous music playback, standby time up to 10 hours.

    Plantronics The the BackBeat Go Bluetooth wireless headset is not only the design is beautiful, lightweight, very easy to carry. And the ergonomic design of the appearance of wearing more comfortable, better use of wearing removable played a solid role in the ears of deduction to play for the movement of the user. Now

    Price of 600 yuan, the price may be a little high, but its quality is worthy of the price.

    Kenji Wu love the headphone addiction to listen to music deaf anti-paparazzi

    Kenji Wu day even catch two wherever he goes, the first afternoon to attend the opening event of the ramen Monster Beats Diddy, professional headset flagship store in the evening they appeared to become Disc DJ.

    I saw Kenji Wu position 100 points, made a personal show of nearly 10 minutes at the scene. Professional DJ, he learned two days, also braved the typhoon yesterday afternoon into the store to learn, Kenji Wu said: "I am a headphone enthusiasts, the backpack would put at least two or three different brands of headphones.

    Once through customs, also thought it was illegal immigrants, and almost get into trouble. "

    Kenji Wu in fact, in addition to make music with headphones, there is another function is to live in their own world ". Original headset also carry essential to prevent being recognized private Cheap monster beats, "I do not like wearing sunglasses secretive, so anytime, anywhere wearing

    Headset, you can pretend to listen to music, to avoid the interference of others. "But sometimes there are moments of embarrassment, fear is your cell phone or iPod or electricity, but also to pretend to listen to music, is really very embarrassing. "