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Nice Backpacks + Herschel Supply Co.

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    Nice Backpacks + Herschel Supply Co.

    Has anyone dealt with them before? I'm a college student (last semester!) and I'm looking for a nice bag to use this semester and possibly for work, although never with a suit.

    I like their 'Little America' bag, but haven't heard much about it.

    here's a link:


    Any advice/ideas for other bags <$100 or even <$50 would be great.

    Thanks a lot!


    any direction at all would be immensely helpful.



      That bag is very popular, and seems to be well received. I believe that it's available at Urban Outfitters.



        Its priced accordingly. I have seen the more rudimentary rucksack at Urban and it feels worth the $50 they go for, but I won't be confusing it for any of the nicer examples out there. The Little America bag used to come in two sizes, I believe, and they seem to have streamlined to one, this appears to be a good size. I think for less than $100 you will be hard pressed to find a cheaper backpack if thats what you're set on.

        I think you're not getting many replies because not many people on here are looking for stylish backpacks. Most everyone is a professional, or aspiring to emulate that style, so most of the people here are carrying briefs or, in the least, messenger bags. I'd take a backpack over a messenger bag any day but if you're looking to use this beyond school you might wanter to consider a larger brief or a tote/brief hybrid with a shoulder strap. Even without a suit, I don't think you can really look all that professional carrying a backpack around. No offense. At under $100 though, you can always get the backpack AND something more professional down the line. I wouldn't worry about trying to use the backpack in a professional setting, use it for school and keep it around for the weekends, backpacking Europe, bug out bag, etc... and when you land a job, get a decent brief.



          Right. I figured a backpack would work well for this semester, but that's why I also asked for other ideas. I've seen a lot of really nice messenger bags, but the engineering books I usually have are huge, so a backpack would be more economical for the size.

          I've seen Herschel at UO and Zumiez, which puts me off to them since I'd rather get something nicer.



            Herschel is nice and Dappered actually introduced me to the brand. But in a big city like mine, trends catch on quickly so it is 'too' popular for my liking and I'd rather have something that less people have.

            Wheelmen and Company actually has some really nice bags. Granted, their backpack is $100+ but they are very fine quality American made bags with some having a luxury look. I'll be taking my last semester of college this fall and will be picking up one of their bags for my commute to class and work.

            Check them out:



              Saw them the other day on Primer. Thinking about snagging their laptop case. Figure I could add a leather strap and use it for a messenger bag too.



                Go check them out at Urban Outfitters. I feel the build quality isn't there for the price, personally. Bags (of any kind) are one of the few things I always throw down top dollar for, as I use them hard and for years. YMMV



                  I know quality iskey. I'm mostly looking for something to last me this semester, and transition into business after I graduate. Just looking to save some green before I pick something nicer up once I get a job in industry.



                    I just got an email about these backpacks from Everlane:

                    I've heard good things about them though I don't own any of their products myself. Those Wheelmen bags look great by the way.



                      Thanks for the link trash. I'll keep an eye on them, I've heard good things about Everlane too.



                        @Andy I never thought about adding a strap to that laptop case. My current laptop bag is a top handle without a shoulder strap so it gets pretty annoying carrying it all the time.

                        @trash no doubt the bags look good, but what do you think about the price points? After Dappered, I know a lot of us rarely pay full price for anything so these may be a little iffy on our wallets



                          Just a word of warning on the Herschel Supply Little America. Got mine a while back and one of the snaps broke off about a month after I got it. Doesn't seem like the most durable bag out there. Take that for what it's worth.



                            Ill up this since I actually just returned that same Herschel bag. Ordered it off of with some credit I had built up and it disappointed me in person. Fake leather and overall, I just expected better.

                            I'm in the same hunt myself. I live in a city and work at a very business casual company where backpacks prevail.

                            This is what I had my eye set on, but they sadly sold out when they released last year ($269)




                              I think I'll end up with the everlane bag once they're back in stock. something simple, but still looks nice. I'll pick up a nice briefcase/messenger bag once I graduate.