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QCDG Kickstarter: Waxed Canvas Racer Jacket

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    QCDG Kickstarter: Waxed Canvas Racer Jacket

    I know some of you on the Dappered forums follow my blog/Facebook page "Just A Hunk" and may have read the interview we did with Matt Renna of Queen City Dry Goods. If not, here it is:

    Matt has set up a Kickstarter for funding of QCDG's gorgeous new waxed canvas racer jacket, and I thought some of you might be interested. If you pledge through Kickstarter, you get $50 off the retail price.

    I'm not in any way affiliated with the company, other than I happen to live in the same town. Just really appreciate the work the Matt is doing to create beautiful, high-quality, handmade men's garments that are still affordable.


    I thought that jacket was already being made?



      I think he was doing one-offs in a different material for special orders, but this is the first production run of the waxed canvas jacket.

      I pledged to get mine, so I'll be sure to post a review either here or on my blog.



        I read your interview with Matt Renna the first time you posted about it, and loved the look of the racer jacket. When I saw the Kickstarter campaign a couple weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge. I'm going to need a new casual jacket for when the weather cools down, and I figure I'd like to have one really nice piece rather than multiple pieces of junk like I've owned before.



          I can't access Kickstarter from my work computer. What are the details re: cost for pledging?




            @BenR- The breakdown is as follows:

            $5 and up- Receive a box of wooden matches the the Queen City logo

            $30 and up- Receive a t-shirt with the Queen City logo

            $60 and up- Receive a minimalist leather wallet with the Queen City logo (a nice piece in my opinion)

            $155 and up- Receive their Champlain tote bag (brown waxed canvas, beige or red straps, brass hardware.

            $215 and up- Receive the tote bag, the wallet, and the t-shirt

            $385 and up- Receive a waxed canvas racer jacket at a $50 discount from the first production run. Color of your choosing (they just show gray and mocha).

            $1,000 and up- Receive a custom handmade leather version of the racer jacket. They will send leather swatches for you to choose from.

            All of the pledge prices include US shipping.

            The jacket is very nice looking. Great profile, waxed canvas, 100% US virgin wool lining, and antiqued brass zippers. It reminds me of the jacket Hugh Laurie wore on 'House' sometimes.



              It irritates me that the jacket claims to function as a riding jacket. It can be worn on a motorcycle, sure, but it won't provide a lick of protection. But that's me being particular about delusional fashion marketing.

              The jacket looks nice enough, though I'd sooner pull the trigger on a Schott NYC racer jacket.



                No protection at all? Maybe not as good as leather or an armored jacket, but seems like heavier canvas is a lot better than nothing at all.