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Protecting light fabrics against stains?

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    Protecting light fabrics against stains?

    Are there any particular tricks you guys use to protect your light-colored clothes against stains? The worst offender for me is the yellow collar on the dress shirt.

    I'm not asking how to treat it as much as how to prevent the stains from showing up in the first place. Maybe something like ScotchGard, for instance? Have any of you tried that? And would it be safe on suit jackets and that type of thing?


    Hope you don't mind if I bump this -- it's on the second page now, but I'd still like to know if anyone has some tricks.



      Without any investigation or research on my own, right off the bat I'd be a little leery of putting chemicals on the collar that would be in direct contact with my skin for extended periods of time.

      I remember coming across a thread on some forum (whether this or another one I can't remember) that mentioned the use of tape. So I did a little Google searching for you and found this:



        Ring-around-the-collar is the bane of my dress shirt existence. I've solved the problem of underarm stains by switching to natural deodorants (non-antiperspirants) but I still get nasty yellowing on the inside of my collar.

        I remember reading somewhere that baking soda can solve this problem - one of these days I'm going to get my dress shirts together and pix up a baking soda paste, apply the paste to the stains, and let the shirts sit for a while.

        I'm wary of preventatives, or products like the "incollar." Just seems like it would look funny.

        [Edit] For the record I did not add the links above. Not sure why the forum is doing that. But I'm sure it's spam/advertising of some variety, so click at your own risk.




          Yeah, I noticed those throughout the threads today. I think I read in another thread that they're implementing some new advertising methods. I guess this is one of them.

          I don't mind them, but it would be nice if they were differentiated somehow. Maybe a different color than user-added links?

          EDIT: That should be pretty easy, I think. I just inspected the link and it adds a class of "skimwords-link" to each one.