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    Shoe and Tie Storage

    I was wondering what you guys use to store your shoes and your ties and what you would recommend. Currently, I use a wooden hanger to store all my ties.


    Ties "should" be stored in a tie box.

    I keep mine in a Woodlore Tie Box which is $18 on Amazon.

    Although I am really generally doubtful of the benefit of rolling and storing vs. hanging when it comes to longevity, a cedar box is great because it helps keep them dry (just like shoe trees) and makes it super easy to examine all your ties and choose one. You don't need to go pushing through a bunch of hanging ties.

    Those boxes hold 12 ties each.



      aside from shoe trees, you want to get a shoe rack which will get your shoes off the ground and allow air to circulate underneath the sole (in order to dry them after use).

      In terms of ties, it depends on how many you have. If you don't have too many, a tie box is a great idea; but, if you are developing a large collection then you can either hang them on a wood rack, or convert a drawer into one large tie box. Technically, you should roll your ties instead of hanging them; but, I can't sacrifice the drawer space.



        Unlike Bookman I don't think there is a 'technically' correct way. Personally, I prefer to hang my ties. Hanging helps to pull out any kinks they may get, giving you a nice starting point for the next wear.

        I don't fuss too much about my shoes. Toss some trees in 'em and I'm happy.



          This is a great tie organizer.



            My ties hang on a specialized tie/belt hanger I got from Target a while back. It fits 16 ties if you drape them over two hooks like I do, or as many as 32 if you use only one hook. Plus as many belts as you can stick on the bottom hooks (all 4 of the belts I typically wear fit fine).


            My shoe rack is a nice bamboo and metal one I got from Costco for $25. I tried a few other shoe racks, including the cheap white metal ones and the over-the-door cloth ones, but I've found this particular rack both works and looks the best of all of them.

            (On the left, you can see the ends of my ties and belts hanging off the tie rack, as well.)




              I second the chrome tie hanger from Target.

              As for shoes, my girlfriend and I share the following shoe rack from Target: It's expandable (just short of four feet) and has worked well for us since our closet space is limited.



                @BenR.. I've got the same Shoe rack. So far so good!



                  This is a work in progress:

                  This is the coat closet when you first walk in my front door. It made more sense to me to re-appropriate it as a shoe closet, since I don't wear shoes inside the house & I live in Florida. The metal shoe shelves are from Ikea that I got a while back, not sure if they still sell them. There is no light in there, so thats why the lamp is in the pic - Its not a shoe shrine, or anything. I need to get some taplights or something for in there.

                  For ties & belts, I have these long metal bars from Ikea. They are designed to hold kitchen utensils but I mounted them on the wall of my walk-in closet and drape the belts and ties along them.