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Just wanted to share....... this helluva deal I came across. Opinions?

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    Just wanted to share....... this helluva deal I came across. Opinions?

    I have been looking for a nice suit for my upcoming wedding in October '12 for sometime (probably since January '12). I went from Brooks Brothers to Boss to Indochino, but, unfortunately, I was laid off not too long ago and had to make some changes, price-wise. I changed my budget from $700- 1000 to $400-500. So, yesterday morning I received a BR email outlining a 40% discount on already reduced prices. So I found these:

    Suit Jacket: originally $375, reduced to $300

    Suit Pant: originally $160, reduced to $90

    I figured I would be a shade under my $400 minimum. Something told me to call some locations in the DC and I came across the Georgetown location. I call and they have the entire suit. I go and WHAT DO I DISCOVER? The jacket was $119 and the pants were $54- before the sale! No damage but "final sale" though.

    Dappered brethren, I walked out in a perfectly fitted suit from BR for less than $120. All I have to do is put a cuff on the pant and I am ready for marriage. Because I am a BR Luxe card member, that tailoring is free WIN WIN WIN!

    Save almost 80% on a suit that I can wear not only at my wedding but at my future job and other events!!

    EDIT: I am wearing these shoes in the wedding


    Best wishes on your upcoming nuptials, but I think you need some louder shoes.



      Great deal on the BR suit, but those sh...sneakers, might want to reconsider.



        Heafcliffe, congratulations on the great deal! I would also have purchased the suit at that price.

        guiltybystander, I enjoy your sense of humor and fully agree with your sentiment!



          Thanks, fellas! I may have forgot to mention that our wedding has a "Bowtie and Chucks" theme. Color are pewter and eggplant. The wife would kill me if I called it grey and purple.



            Great deal on that suit. I actually have been shopping for suits for my October wedding as well and had bought that exact same suit. I paid around $300 for it though and have to return it because I don't think it's dark enough to wear in a wedding. If I had got it for $120 though I would have kept it for job interviews and whatnot. I ended up getting 2 suits from brooks brothers today for $565 total. 1 of them for my wedding and another for job interviews.

            By the way, wedding suit shopping is a pain in the rear. At least it was for me.



              @Vicious, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials as well. I feel the whole wedding package as a whole can be overwhelming at times. Meetings on top of meetings on top of more meetings, but it will be worth it for sure.

              As for the suit, I felt the same regarding the lightness of the color but our wedding is more on the informal, casual side of things. Plus, the contrast between the grey and the dark, rich purple was perfect for a fall wedding.