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    Help me start my tie collection

    I need to order a tie for my dad from The Tie Bar and wanted to order a few ties for myself. I rarely wear them, but having more choices might change this.

    The ties will be worn with a blazer or just a shirt and a tie bar. Looking for ties in a 2.5" to 3" width.

    I already have knit ties in solid navy and in black with white stripes, but I would like to add at least another to my collection. Maybe a polka dot or another stripe?

    A cotton/madras tie would be nice too, but I don't really know how to match them since they usually have a lot of colors.

    I could also use a few pocket squares. I'm already ordering one in plain white cotton, but I would love something more...exciting?


    I anything but a knit tie 2.5" is pretty narrow. 3" is the narrow side of normal.



      I am a very slender man, a 3" tie on me looks like a 3.5" on a normal person.



        It can be hard to find ties of the exact width you want, and length can also be a bit of an issue. Width varies over the years with "fashion", for instance the broad breastplates of the 70's and the skinny little ties of the 80's.

        I think you have it right, Jessy, to try to get a tie that looks good on you, based on your own body size. If the size looks good for your size, and looks good with the width of your lapels, it's likely to look stylish for years, and you can pay less attention to fashion. Timeless style is more durable than flighty fashion.

        You might look for one or two silk ties with simple, small patterns (you mentioned polka dots) in colors that complement and/or echo your jacket-shirt combinations. A small, simple, neat pattern is easier to match with both solid and patterned shirts. Something like a bold repp stripe is likely to go well with only a smaller selection of shirts. Silk ties are classic, and despite current fashion trends, they go very well with many levels of casual/dress wear.

        With richer textures such as linen and knit ties, you can let the texture speak rather than the pattern, so they can work well as solids without being as plain as a solid silk.

        If you like to wear blue, and you're a blue-eyed blond, a rich gold color can be very good look, not too dressy. Dark reds and maroons go well with a variety of jacket colors and can give a professional look. You already have navy, which is also versatile. Think of several of your shirt/jacket combos, and try to find ties that can work in several combinations. Once you've got such a basic foundation, you can look for more specific looks, such as a particular outfit you like.

        When you buy a new shirt, jacket, or suit, try to picture it with one or more of the ties you own. If you can't picture a good combination, then it's a good time to consider buying another tie. I used to have a bunch of ties that were very nice; I bought them because I really liked the way they looked, but I didn't have good outfits for them. A tie is always worn together with a shirt collar, with the shirt front as background. And almost always with a jacket or sweater. So think of the combinations, don't think of the tie all by itself.



          I order from all the time, and be forewarned that the 2.5" ties are actually closer to 2.25, and are quite slim.

          The Madras ties are quite nice (I have a few of them), and go well with white and light colored shirts, but are pretty casual. I typically wear them with a white or light blue OBCD and a tie bar.

          Since you have knit ties in black and navy, consider one in a dark red - it's fairly easy to match with everything.

          It is a little late in the season for Madras though...I'd consider grabbing some more muted plaids that you can wear through the fall and winter. I'm looking at these for September/October/November:

          For comparison, here are the ones I wore all summer (the chambray I'll keep wearing through the fall):



            This is my favorite TieBar tie.




              I have a maroon/brick red knit tie from the tie bar that I wear all the time. Works with many looks.

              How about a wool tie or two? They have some nice gray ones with a subtle pattern that would do well with a lot of things. Plus anything knit is going to be not only very sharp looking but also works with everything from jeans to a suit.

              I agree with those that remark on the highly subjective nature of tie width, wear what you think looks good on your frame.

              "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



                @Cause Moe Great advice. I like the maroon/dark red idea. I actually have dark brown hair and brown eyes, but I love wearing blue. Most of my shirts are either solids (white and light blue) or checks/gingham in purple, red, blue or navy. I'll have to take these in consideration while chosing my ties.

                @kronak Those chambray ties are gorgeous, I might get one.

                @bremersm That was the actual tie I had in mind when I was thinking about another stripe knit tie. I like your style.

                @Sigtweed Corduroy Already got a grey wool tie, forgot to mention it. Great for the colder months ahead.

                I think I'll be going with a dark red knit tie, the one bremersm linked and one in chambray.

                Any advice on pocket squares ?



                  @Jessy I was going to post up a Made in the USA Madras tie but it is no longer avialble on I was quite a bit more than TheTieBar ties are though.