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    Fall Boot Thread

    I am in the market for a pair of fall boots that lean towards the dressier side, and wanted to get a little thread going. I personally am not looking for a chukka or work boot, and so haven't included any. If I could just run out and buy a pair tomorrow, it would be the Dalton (like many of you probably).

    -= The Gold Standard =-

    AE Dalton

    -= Dressy =-

    Fifth Street

    Johnston & Murphy Newell

    -= Less Dressy =-

    Mr. B's Blake

    Sebago Hamilton _rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=17QQQRJ0KBJ5TZJN4YMC&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p =470938631&pf_rd_i=507846

    Florsheim Hawley

    Florsheim Gaffney

    Red Wing Iron Rangers

    Timberland Earth Keepers


    I live in MN and wear boots a lot from September until at least March. I will never stop advocating for the Daltons and the Iron Rangers. I'm interested to try out the Mr. B's Blakes this fall. I might try to waterproof them since they were much cheaper.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      I can't say enough about the Hamiltons! I got the Sebago Hamiltons early last fall and have been wearing them 3-4 times a week since then. The leather's in good shape, and I haven't cleaned or conditioned it yet (I know I know, bad bad - I'm going to do it this week!!!). In terms of wear, the vibram sole is peeling like a couple millimeters from the bottom of the shoe at the heel on one foot, but I've been pretty rough on them. In addition to standard around the city-wear (I'm not a careful walker) I've worn them while working in the garden, while hiking, while out on the water (canoeing, boating) and they're definitely waterproof unless we're talking like 3+ inches of standing water, at which point some will get in. They are also very comfortable and fit TTS.

      Plus women always seem to notice them and compliment me on them. The wingtip makes them look dressier than a pair of plain-toe boots, and less workman-y. Best case scenario I'd get a pair of Wolverine 1000 mile for the rough-stuff and AE Daltons for when I just feel like wearing boots (which is all the time), but with budget constraints I'm quite happy where I'm at. I got them for about $100, so they were cheaper than the Florsheim options (which I'd prefer over the JM shoes posted, and I really needed waterproof boots because of the constant rain/flooding where I love, so they were a good fit.



        WOW. There are some beautiful wolverines out there. Not cheap though.

        ^^^^^ really like these ^^^^^



          LosRockets: have you seen the Florsheims in person? I really like the look of the Hawley, but so soooo many people love the Hamiltons.

          These land's end crosbys are remarkably affordable ($50) (toe is awfully chunky, sadly)



            No, I haven't seen the Florsheim in person but they don't look bad. I'd try to find both and try them on if I were you, see which is better. Of the Wolverine shoes you posted I only like the standard 1000 mile, but in pretty much every color but black. My personal opinion is that the wingtip (chukka and otherwise) ones look kind of weird, and the cap toe looks just OK but that's personal preference. Crosbys have been mentiond a lot on the main site and these forums so I'd search around for pics and opinions. Oh, if I could I'd totally rock those Winchesters.

            Edit: The Austen, Emerson, and Courtland all look awesome.



              If I were a much wealthier man and had the wardrobe to support it, I'd wear boots along the lines of the Dalton and Fifth Street every day in the fall.

              Instead, I recently picked up the Mr. B's Blake on sale as a consolation boot. Although I decided to keep them, I'm not in love with the thicker sole or the weight of the boot. I like mine sleeker so there's not a lot of weight at the bottom when the rest of my wardrobe is slim and fitted. Seems clumsy to me, but then again I haven't worn many boots outside my chukkas, which I love.

              So my pick would likely be the Wesley, although the Hamilton and Hawley are OK, too.



                If anyone wears 7 or 7.5, these Fryes are dirt cheap (just stumbled across them)




                  Love my Alden Indys




                    great boots mdwsta, thanks for contributing. looking sharp. side note, the crosby's really do look a fair bit like the aldens.

                    which is the more elegant boot in folk's opinion: the hamilton or the hawley? i'm stuck somewhere in the middle, not having seen the shape of either in person. am I missing any other dress boots in the $100-200 range besides that JM? I live in San Francisco, and don't need the ruggedness too badly.



                      anyone have any experience with the Hawthorne from LL Bean Signature?


                      edit: i guess the Wolverine line of boots is shoddy quality these days? any truth to that? sad to hear.



                        @Deke I'm a 7, but these look a bit too rugged for me.

                        Like Margotron, I'm looking for a sleeker, dressier boot, something I could wear with charcoal wool/flannel dress pants.



                          Maybe I am just new to the Northeast, but what exactly is the point of boots? What do you wear them with? I submit they are great looking shoes, but I just don't understand what the benefit to having boots on is when they are covered by your pants? Do you wear them to the office under dress slacks? Around town under jeans?




                            Your question is my exact dilemma with dressier boots. I think a lot of them look great, but I just don't find that they fill any niche in my current wardrobe. If I wear boots they're going to be of the casual/rugged variety. If I'm dressing nice, I'll pull on some oxfords. That's not at all to disparage wearers of dress boots (like I said, I think they look nice); I just don't see myself in them.

                            Of course my wardrobe has been going through a lot of flux lately, so who knows, this could all change.



                              I think a lot argue for the ankle stability and durability - but how is this relevant for the dressy boots like the Dalton? I don't often need any extra ankle stability in the office. Also, the leather soles on a lot of them seem to run counter to the durability argument, right? I don't mean to be anti-boot here - I would very much like to be convinced!