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    Dress shirts

    Hey guys, I've got the suit at the tailor from this thread ( Next up I'm looking to get a couple of dress shirts to wear with it. I've got a load of button-ups, but none that close around my giant neck, so neck closure is the objective now.

    When I head back to the tailor to pick the suit up I'll ask her to take my neck and arm measurements for the purpose of later shirt purchases. My plan is to buy a few less expensive shirts and then get them tailored.

    So what's the deal? Where can I get the most bang for my buck?


    I read here that Nordstrom house-branded shirts are a great value. I've not seen myself though.

    I like Banana Republic shirts, but find inconsistency with sizing and quality. Zara has some great fits, but even their dress shirts can be a little on the flashier side (not always good if you're in a conservative office place), and again the quality isn't great. Uniqlo has nice dress shirts, with more of a full/western cut, similar to Ralph Lauren but much less expensive. Your tailor will fix that up for you for about $15.

    Will be interested to hear what you find. Good luck.



      I went and had a look at Men's Wearhouse (I know, I know--but I had a gift card), Macy's and JC Penney. No luck anywhere. I tried on all sorts of slim fits with nothing even close to right. And I think I know what my problem is: I need a 17" neck. I must have a fat neck or something, because the shirts that go along with a 17" neck (even slim fit) are enormous. They were too big in the shoulders (I like a slightly tighter fit there if anything, def not hanging over the sides), billowy in the arms and they all said "17, 34/35, XL"--and I'm NOT XL. I am usually a medium, maybe a large. I wear size 42-46 in jackets (I've had luck with everything between those, oddly), so I'm a pretty big guy, but this was ridiculous.

      Anyone got any experience with the dimensions of the Calibrate shirts with large neck sizes? Am I just gonna have to find something that fits in the neck/shoulders/arms and bring it to a tailor?



        I'd recommend the 1MX at Express. I wear around the same neck size and float between a 42 and 44 in most jackets. The only tricky part is arm length as I'm typically a 36/37. But as far as JCP, Macy's, and Dillards... I feel your pain, maybe see if you can squeeze a 16.5 if you can accomodate the arm lengths.



          I wear a 17 34/35 and have the same problem with the rest of the shirt being much too big (especially around the waist). Unfortunately the best bet is to find something slim fit and take it to the tailor. Nordstrom's brand and Charles tyrwhitt have been the best of the rack for me, but need to be tailored either way. The shoulders usually fit ok though, that might be your biggest challenge as it will be tough to adjust.



            How much time do you have? If you can spare 3 weeks try Its one of those places where you send them your measurments and they send you a custom made shirt. I last used them over a year ago and it worked out pretty well, but they have seriously elevated their game since then. Before it felt a little bit "sight unseen" but now you can get a 20$ first shirt as a tester and more importantly, they will send you a free fabric swatch book so you know exactly what you are ordering.

            You choose the pattern, fabric, cut, collar, cuffs, plackets, all that.

            Once the order is in, its basically a bunch of tailors in China, who make your shirt and fedex it to you.