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what color clarks?

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  • greg_s

    Grey and brown compliment each other well. Basically just try throwing on the grey ones in place of a casual brown shoe. Unless you have grey pants on in the same shade, you should be fine. For my particular pants that I would wear with them: Plum chinos, dark jeans, forest green cords, brown/darker khaki cords/chinos, navy chinos, etc.

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  • bvaghela
    started a topic what color clarks?

    what color clarks?

    i'll be getting these from the nordstrom sale: 533

    and in reading the posts here, i saw that amazon is having a sale on clark's desert boots (my wallet hates this forum). i don't want to get anything too similar in color so i was thinking possibly the olive leather or grey leather found here:

    but my question is - what can be worn with these colors? the browns (i.e. beeswax) are probably much more flexible but i already have a pair of burgundy cole haan cap toes and tan loafers from cole haan so i was thinking something in a grey would mix it up?