The sound quality assessment: a breakthrough in the traditional style headset, A12 for the young, the needs of personalized entertainment Monster Headphones Tour. For more in–depth understanding of the A12 after two hours of praise sound running, we have adopted the Swans T200B professional test Yindie of, for testing against A12, surging powerful bass, realistic sound field to create a sense of the transitional nature of the band, full of sound, moisturizes, and performance for complex scenes, the layering of the sound quality is clear, does not appear to the reverb condition of ordinary Beats By Dre.

Headset is also cubic, Salar A12 close contact

Most of my friends may be more concerned about the game performance of the headset, voice response sensitivity. Tests, we also selected common CS1. 6 to test its audio performance, the game, the characters footsteps accurate positioning AK47 bursts of crisp sound and a stray bullet struck the feeling is very realistic, like for himself.

COWON A3 listed is to now in the downturn phase of the MP4 Monster Beats Detox has put a weight Monster Beats Solo, powerful function and can be comparable to high–end MP3 sound quality, these are impressive place. Plus 32MW * 2 output power, if you are on top of a wife or dozens with earplugs, is undoubtedly a big waste of its excellent audio playback capability, the following, let us for the first navigation, look at the market Which earplugs suitable with the COWON is A3,

Sennheiser MX500 can be said is a commonplace of earplugs, balanced voice performance, allowed to become almost a mythical earplugs have been available for eight years, but has been hot so far, we can say is poor Ferrari had. In the same grade earplugs inside the MX500 sound field is relatively open, which is consistent with the COWON A3 taste, especially when watching movies, have a very good sound effect. And has a good surrounded by a sense of sound to make the COWON A3 IF does not grainy serious. The MX500 is a recognized potential earplugs, plus A3, 32MW * 2 output Monster Headphones Ibeats, the potential for more to play an important Monster Beats.