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Picking a watch and brown shoes

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    Picking a watch and brown shoes

    Hey folks,

    I am getting my first-ever pair of brown leather shoes (I know, I know...) and my first-ever watch. I am about to start medical school and I'm on a budget, so I need something that can walk the line (pardon the pun) between dressed-up casual and formal.

    I'm looking for shoes that aren't so formal that I can't wear them more casually without them sticking out (I think the AE Strands fall into this category). I need a watch that will work with basically any outfit, casual to formal, and any season; so it should look good with a brown or black band.

    Ideally, I'm looking to spend <$150 on the shoes and <$200 on the watch. Here's what I've got picked out after some research. Please let me know your opinions!

    Shoes: Mercanti Florenti Wingtip Oxford -'s+leather+wingtip+oxford?p rodId=248708

    Watch: Citizen Eco-Drive CA0331-05A -

    You guys have been super helpful in the past; this is an awesome community! Thanks a bunch for any input.


    Both of those look good to me. Though if it were me, I would probably spend $300 on the shoes and $50 on the watch- give or take. I'm more of a shoe guy and less into watches. Opinion vary of course.



      Everybody's priorities and likes will differ, but I'm with Steve in prioritizing shoe spending over watch spending. Staples>>>accessories when you're starting out, imo.



        Agreed with the two posters above, the difference between a $150 dollar shoe and a $300 dollar shoe is the difference between night and day, and they will be far more practical a purchase.

        As an MS1, I really don't think you'd stick out wearing reasonably nice shoes, and once you start your rotations you'd be very glad that you spent the extra money!

        Which med school are you matriculating?

        I realize we're somewhat derailing your thread. If you're really set on your price distributions, just tell us and we'll shut up and adhere to what you say.






            Thanks for the replies, guys. Basically, as you all have figured out, I have a $350 budget and I need one good watch and one good pair of shoes. I would be willing to spring for more expensive shoes and a cheaper watch if I could find some that met my needs/wants. Do you guys have any better-quality recommendations for shoes that are a similar style? Does Mercanti Florenti have a less than stellar reputation? I don't really have a problem getting shoes that are only going to last a few years - I don't necessarily even *want* the same pair for 10+ years. Just a personal preference, I suppose.

            I haven't worn a watch (as in, ever) but I am pretty (ok, very) picky about finding "the one." So far, the most attractive one to me has been the one above. I would be thrilled to find a similar watch that's $150 cheaper Also, the watch is not going to be an accessory, per se - I'll be wearing it virtually every day. It needs to tell time accurately (as in, the second-hand should line up correctly), be fluid resistant, be quiet, and be reliable. Based on reviews I've seen, that is not easy to come by at <$50.

            @Kenneth - I'm starting at St. Louis University Med next week. From what I can tell, attire will range from respectable to pajamas. My desire for formality flexibility mostly stems from budgetary concerns, but also because 99.9% (not an exaggeration) of people in this city dress super poorly. I want to look good, but I don't need to make some sort of statement, you know? I'm definitely not the type to draw attention to myself with my attire. Edit: LosRockets makes some good points about Medicine being conservative in another thread, here:



              I believe this classy looking Bulova for $74 has been featured on Dappered a couple times:


              And the AE Strands you mentioned for $220:


              I believe that leaves you with money to spend.