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Is This a Blazer or a Suit Coat?

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    Is This a Blazer or a Suit Coat?

    I've been eyeing this Hickey Freeman blazer on eBay for a few days now.

    This would be one of my first blazer/sportcoat purchases and I want to get a quality, classic piece to start with. I really like the color, the buttons, and the fact that it's fully canvassed.

    Now, a few of my concerns:

    1. It's listed as a Blazer/Sportcoat, but is it a suit coat sold with no matching pants? I can't tell

    2. It has no vents. Is this more/less formal? Weird?

    3. Is it too formal to wear casually with jeans or chinos?

    Please let me know if this is smart investment or not! Thanks!


    Prefaced with the fact that these are my personal opinions/experiences:

    1. Looks awfully like a suitcoat with no matching pants. Typically a navy blazer/sportcoat will go with metal buttons (gold, silver, bronze, etc.), or sometimes with brown buttons.

    2. No vents is an option for some suits, but in my mind more of a Goodfellas type look. I dislike it personally, but to each his own. Not sure I've seen it on a sportcoat that wasn't very casual (i.e., cotton or linen), and I'm not sure I've seen it on those.

    3. I'd say this would be pretty tough to pull off with jeans or chinos. With 130s, it's most likely going to have quite a sheen to the fabric, making it pretty dressy. I'd wait for something that's more of a middle ground between casual and dressy.



      I'd pass. It looks like a suit coat.

      Wearing with jeans might look too awkward. Buy something less structured.



        You can get the Target Kensington navy sport coat for $40 and see how to wear it before graduating to a more expensive option.



          Undoubtedly a suit coat, and way too formal to be worn well with jeans. Go with something with more texture and less sheen. Basically what hornsup said. For jeans/chinos wear, aim for sportcoats with things like linen, cotton, herringbone, tweed, etc. Wool, especially the higher count wools, have a very formal shine to them that make them difficult to dress down.



            Thanks for saving me from this one, guys! I really appreciate it.