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    I've recently been reading a lot of guys posting about the versatility of navy basics - blazers, pants, sweaters. Can't believe I didn't think of before. But it did get me thinking - I was wondering what some of your favorite basics were, whether it be a certain color, specific shirt, etc.


    Also, what are some basics that are good to have in a wardrobe? I know Joe posted the $1500 wardrobe but I was wondering what some of yours were.



      Jeans: Any straight leg fitted dark Resin rinse will do

      Chinos: Grey, White, Navy, Olive, tan

      Trousers: charcoal, navy, chocolate brown

      Shirts: light blue, french blue, navy blue, white

      Blazers: Navy, brown herringbone, Grey, Khaki

      Suit: Navy

      Shoes: Black and brown balamorals

      Those I think would be pretty good basics to have. You can branch off into patterned shirts and etc after that imo.



        I'm a student, so most of my basics are casual. No real need for suits and the like.

        Dark indigo jeans, khaki chinos, blue and white OCBD, navy and gray pocket tees, white canvas sneakers, casual brown leather shoes, medium brown leather hoof-pick belt.

        And a watch. Gotta have a watch.



          Jeans - medium to dark rinse (I prefer Levi 514 fit, but have been meaning to try 513).

          Chinos - british khaki, navy, olive.

          Wool trousers - light, medium, charcoal grey, tobacco and chocolate brown, light green, light blue, olive.

          Shirts - solid white, solid blue, blue gingham, black&white gingham, white w/blue windowpane, pinstripe. No button-downs, a few french cuff w/ silk knots only.

          Suit - seersucker navy, seersucker light blue, gray linen, glen plaid gray, olive wool, navy wool, navy pinstripe wool.

          Shoes: Magnanni Federico (wearing currently), AE Strands, Crockett & Jones Edgworth, boat shoes by Mark McNairy, etc.

          Blazers: Harris tweed, light blue linen, herringbone, medium-blue seersucker, houndstooth. Looking for something in a rich brown...

          Sweaters - anything in a deep V that shows off a good tie. Cardigans.



            I think Acoustic's list is more basic than Kenneth's. Even in the south, seersucker suits can hardly be considered basic (says the Yankee :P).

            Here's where I'd start.

            Jeans: start w/ a dark rinse (Kenneth: I just bought a pair of 513's and they fit me and my thin-ish legs way better than the 514's)

            Chinos: start w/ a medium khaki. gray would be my next pair, then navy.

            Wool trousers: start w/ a medium grey. a subtle pattern is ok, but nothing too bold. brown or navy would be my next pair.

            Dress shirts: start w/ white, then light blue. from there, maybe a darker shade of blue or a light pink or a subdued lavender. no shirts w/ French cuffs until you're further along. same policy for patterns: ease your way into them only after you have a solid foundation of solids.

            Sport shirts: start w/ a white OCBD, then a light blue. pick up a light pink one, too, if you like light pink as much as I do. I know it's not for everyone, but I consider light pink a staple shirt color because it goes great with so much--the key to wearing it w/ confidence is to get as pale a shade as possible.

            Blazers: start w/ navy (in wool and/or cotton, depending on your daily dress requirements). then grey (wool) or khaki (cotton).

            Suit: start w/ medium grey, then navy. or vice versa.

            Shoes: start w/ a brown balmoral. if you don't have a lot of decent shoes, try to pick something dressy enough to wear w/ a suit but that can still work when dressed down. you'll get more usage out of it that way. from there, i'd pick a more casual brown shoe: suede bucks, say, or a loafer, or whatever works best based on personal preference/need. from there, a simple sneaker (white or grey) and a brown boot. Get a nice black balmoral whenever you can afford one (or whenever you absolutely need one), but unless you attend a lot of very conservative/formal events, you can often skate by w/ just a brown balmoral.

            Sweaters: start w/ a grey v-neck sweater. branch out into cardigans and other staple colors (navy, black, beige) from there.

            Ties: start w/ something blue-dominant and also something black-dominant, then branch out from there into red, brown, green, etc. mix in some knit ties as you go. have fun w/ it and make sure you're choosing ties that you know will go w/ a lot of different ensembles. that shouldn't be too much of an issue if you have the basics above covered.

            The reason I consider all of the above basics is because they all will look good, get used a lot, and offer a maximum amount of versatility.



              Haha, I'll accept your critique! Though I'm an Atlantan and seersucker around here doesn't generate too many odd looks. I didn't take this thread as a "what are the basics of any wardrobe", though I see he asks that in the second post, more of a "what are YOUR basics".

              With respect to a very basic wardrobe for anyone, I think Standard_Deviance's list is totally perfect. No complaints anywhere. If I were to have a slight disagreement, it'd be that I'd rather someone get a light blue dress shirt before a white dress shirt since it's far easier to pair ties with a light blue than it is a white.



                Yeah, re-reading the initial two posts, it is the case that he's asking both questions: the basics of your individual wardrobe and also the basics of any general wardrobe. Seems like we've covered all bases!



                  The things I find myself wearing the absolute most are probably: dark denim, navy khakis, camel khakis, gray khakis, white dress shirts/oxfords, and sweater vests/cardigans in navy, light/dark gray, burgundy, and camel. also, medium brown boots.



                    wow - great input guys. i'll definitely be using some of these in my wardrobe.

                    and to maybe make it a little more clear, yes i was looking for what the general "basics collection" should be and your own individual basics

                    cardigans were mentioned a couple of times - where can i get a good fitting, affordable cardigan? i've been searching for a while now but all i can find are the droopy cardigans that seem to get very loose or very expensive ones. i would be looking to spend less that $50

                    also, i recently got a harris tweed blazer off of ebay - but i have no idea what to wear it with. thoughts?



                      I tend to buy mine from BR, J Crew, and LEC. Obviously the fits will vary, but those are generally the ones where it's safe to buy sight unseen, in terms of the fits of their sweaters (though BR's vary in length more than I would like). For all the comments about the inconsistent sizing of their shirts, LEC's cardigans seem to consistently fit me fairly snugly - more so than their v-necks. That said, I only own four or so, so YMMV.



                        @BobbyV: What kind of cardigan are you looking for? You'll want different kinds based on different materials if you're looking for a cardigan to layer vs keeping you warm. Additionally, good fit is also influenced by the material. For example, a cardigan made of merino wool will form to the body a lot better than a cotton cardigan will. However, those can be hard to find for under 50 dollars.

                        For a cheap cardigan I actually like the old navy "slim" cardigan. They can be had for 15 dollars on sale. They might release them again in the fall: