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Cotton - when to wear it? (sports jacket and pants)

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    Cotton - when to wear it? (sports jacket and pants)

    Guys. Im curious if there are any rules to wearing cotton sports jackets or pants. Can i wear them in a business casual environment? Do I only wear them in the summer and warmer months? Can I wear them with wool items (wool jacket and cotton pants, and vice versa)?

    For reference, some of the cotton items I own are the j. Crew factory Thompson chino navy blazer and express producer pants.


    Hi Dapperedcpa! I would say that in general cotton sport jackets (or odd jackets that are not part of a suit) and cotton pants are less formal than their wool counterparts. They are most appropriate in spring and summer months from a seasonal/fabric perspective. Whether they are appropriate for your work setting is more dependent on the culture at your work place.

    From your name, it might be inferred that you're in the financial industry. I used to work at a big 4 acct'ing firm and cotton pants and jackets were fine. What do the other guys tend to wear? Are they dressed up or dressed down?

    Work environment aside, you can definitely mix cotton and wool, but if it's warm, wear cotton. If it's cooler, wear wool. From the cotton side, you can find a half-lined cotton sport coat and dress it up with a pocket square in a TV fold and wear more structured cotton trousers. I tend to like lightweight wool trousers or a wool blend since they can actually be cooler than 100% cotton pants. I picked up some from Banana Republic and they were my go-to pants (non-wrinkle, creased, flat front) day in and day out.

    I would reserve an unstructured cotton blazer or sport coat for all but the most informal (casual Friday) environments, since they tend to be more relaxed in weave and overall presentation.

    Hope that helps!