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Highest Quality No-Show Sock Brand

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    Highest Quality No-Show Sock Brand

    When I go sockless with the no-show socks that I buy, I find myself constantly unhappy with the quality of the socks. Sometimes, the socks are too visible, and sometimes they fall off my heel while walking.

    Brands I have tried: J Crew, Mocc Socks, and Hook and Albert

    What's the best quality loafer / no show sock that you have found?


    I personally use the cheap ones from Journeys. I have also heard that Ninja Sox are supposed to be good.



      Have you considered something like this as an alternative:

      Pedag Washable Summer Pure Cotton Terry Insole

      Joe posted about them here:

      Dappered Post about Pedag Insole

      I'm thinking about giving them a try myself.



        I've actually had great luck with the ones from Banana Republic. They are a 2-pack for usually like $14. They can be had for a song during a sale.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          I buy mine from Banana Republic. They hold up well



            I like my MoccSocks. High quality, durable, and the fit is nice. However, while they work perfectly for my Tretorn Nylite sneakers, they keep slipping under my Oak Street Bootmakers trail oxfords. What's been your experience with your MoccSocks?



              I also use the ones from BR.



                Can everyone post their shoe size with your sock preference???

                Recently I picked up the Journey's brand no-shows. With my size 12/13 feet the socks are not staying on for very long. A bigger size sock should do the trick but a lot of manufacturers do not list sizes on socks. I'd like to compare foot sizes to the brands everyone wears to see what will work best. Thanks for your help.



                  So is there a trick to them not drooping?.....LOL

                  It's why I usually go with 1/4 ankles instead.



                    Falke invisible step has been the best Ive tried. They have the small rubber grips on the inside of the heel to prevent slipping and come in different sizes. I still get some slipping depending on how loose the shoe is. But not nearly as much as Mocc socks.

                    Plus Falke has been the only sock that actually doesnt show when wearing a loafer. Price is high though- but Ive gotten them for as low as $10 a pair from ASOS.

                    Additionally Ive heard that no-shows from Urban Outfitters as good- rubber heel grip as well. Never tried them though.



                      I too wear the Banana Republic no-show loafer socks. They have worked the best for me.



                        I have only tried a couple kinds, and none of the ones others have listed above, but in the women's socks section of target they sell brown no-shoe socks that I have found to easily be the best combination of fit, quality, and price. I have one pair I use 1-2 times per week and it has held up well.



                          Thanks Steve2!

                          I tried out many of the brands here and Falke was definitely the best, most comfortable, no slippage, and truly are invisible



                            My vote is for the 5 pack at journey's for $10. Can't beat it. They have lasted plenty of washes so far.



                              Glad I could help Japper! I've been meaning to purchase another pair or 2 myself, but the price still gets me down a bit... Did you purchase from ASOS?