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Forum poll - casual fall/winter shoe

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    Forum poll - casual fall/winter shoe

    With fall approaching, I am trying to determine what a good semi-casual but still on the dressy side fall/winter shoe option would be - super tempted by the Dappered-embraced Strands, but strike me as too dressy to wear with jeans and a shirt like this:

    So decided to throw it out there - what do you wear or would recommend? Feel free to include links/pictures.


    I *LOVE* my Sebago Hamiltons. I bought mine from for around $95 last fall. They are on Amazon (above) at that price right now. Good looks, quality (relative to the price) construction and leather, and water resistant (they list as waterproof but I think it's more accurately water resistant). Great boots for fall-winter-spring when the weather changes/is messy.



      What about Wingtip Boots? IF that is too dressy for you then may I suggest a desert boot/chukka?



        In line with spartanlaw's suggestion, I have the Sebago Brattle in Dark brown and love them. Will serve in just about any situation save the most dressed up and suited.

        Joe discussed these in a post from a while back:



          @Todd. Any indicators on sizing? I've got a few AEs (Park Aves, Players Wingtips, Macneils) and they're all in 11.5D



            @pratyk - I don't currently own any AEs, so I'll throw a few other things out there that are pretty common around these parts.

            I bought the Brattle in 9 and they fit perfectly. For reference: I wear Clarks original DBs in 9, Converse All Stars in 9, Florsheim Gaffney's in 9, Lands' End shoes (Crosby Moc, Kinsey Boat Shoe, Austin Chukka) all in 9.5. Hopefully something there will help you out



              All my Sebagos have seemed to fit true to size.



                Darker colored desert boot?

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                  The Sebago Hamiltons are a great call. I have them in brown and they might be the most comfortable shoes I own.

                  I just picked these up during Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale......




                    If the strands are too dressy, consider the McTavish in black. Yes, yes, I know, they're not really much less dressy, but the Strands are really hard to ignore (they're walnut) and the Mctavish a lot more subtle about it and would look totally kickin' with jeans. (I'm sorry for that.)

                    ALSO, this is just a personal thing, and I know that people will think I'm crazy for loving this as a fall/winter shoe, but I wear drivers everywhere (unless there's precipitation).

                    1. They're super comfortable

                    2. They look good

                    3. They perfectly bridge the gap between dressy (they're leather shoes that could be worn the the office) and casual (their nature as slip-on)

                    Plus, drivers have such great variety (and are less expensive...). They range from classic, simple drivers to shoes with boat shoe or penny loafer details to preppier footwear (like the Terry Ribbon). For me, they're really hard to beat. Then again, I live in the south, so foot warmth isn't a concern.



                      You guys are killing me. I just picked up a pair of Sebago Hamiltons after reading this thread.



                        I think it depends a lot on climate. For fall I wear chukkas and DBs a lot along with my Iron Rangers. I live in Minnesota so once it snows I just wear boots and change at work. I plan on wearing my cordovan shoes a lot this winter since they are waterproof.

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                          I saw these Caterpillars on D'Marge and they may be my next buy. They look good and should be pretty rugged for when a dressier boot would be at risk.

                          Anyone seen these in person/have them?



                            What do you guys think about the Wolverine Claptons?


                            I was looking for a rugged pair of boots, but didn't want to drop 1000 mile, Iron Ranger dough just yet.



                              FWIW, I thought the sebago brattle's ran a little on the long side. I'm normally a 9D in Allen Edmonds, but the 9 is sebagos would give weird toe creasing to me. The 8.5 was too narrow.

                              Might be ok with the 9, just not sure.