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    I was hoping to check out the Frank & Oak site, I signed up about a week ago and haven't heard from them at all. I was hoping/wondering if there were anyone had access codes or could refer a new user.

    Thanks in advance


    Dave, try this...

    Dress for style, live for results.



      I tried that as well. It says they need a code still.

      Thanks for the attempt.



        I can assure you that you aren't missing anything terribly great from F&O this month. I really like F&O (I've bought 6 or 7 shirts, some ties, and a blazer), but after a few months it just gets sort of...old. They keep hinting that perhaps there will be new items in the offering, but so far--nada. No sweaters, no blazers this month, and no pants, even though for two months in a row they've sent out emails to members with surveys about pants.

        Sigh...okay I'm done complaining.



          If you friend them on Facebook and say you want in, they will usually approve you same day.

          I've got the same feeling as you, Jones - have bought a few things here and there but don't really need any more shirts. Their pocket squares this month were pretty killer but are all sold out now - I didn't want to pay full price on any of them, so I'll wait and see what comes out when they restock (usually accompanied by a coupon code).

          My favorite issue so far was their June nautical issue, but I have a huge hardon for nautical themed stuff. I think they really missed the boat with last month's Exploration/Adventure issue, would have loved to see some safari/Indiana Jones looking stuff. I'm looking forward to what they'll do with their fall issues, based on the surveys they sent out, hopefully we'll see some tweedy/country gentleman/hunting inspired themes.



            Oh, and sign up for the Hunt Club - its worth it. You get pretty constant coupon codes once the month progresses and credit/free shipping with every purchase. The Hunt Club box at the beginning of the month is a little gimmicky but its good for trying the clothes out and is MUCH EASIER of a return process than when you buy something. With the Hunt Club they preauthorize the amount and it usually drops off before you receive the actual goods (a little bit of a pain since it DOES tie up that money, if you're using a debit card) but returning stuff is as easy as printing the label on your own and sending it back. You're never *really* out of pocket so its a great way to try items. Normal ordering your card is charged right away and you only receive store credit for returns, which kinda sucks. And, from my experience, they are slow in receiving, processing the return, and issuing the credit.



              I agree with Vespa. Roll out a tweedy / country gentleman inspired theme and I'd likely order a half dozen pieces.



                Yeah, I dunno, I'm a little less than impressed, personally! It's a nice idea and, in fact, I like quite a lot of what they have, but I don't think the price is justified most cases (aside from the blazers). I joined their Hunt Club and sent everything from my first box back. I think I might like this issue more than the previous one (agree about the opportunity for the Jones inspiration), but honestly, if they pulled some collegiate/tweed stuff out of their hat, I'd probably also be about $200 shorter. I ordered one of the navy blazers they got back in stock before everyone snatched them all up, so we'll see how that goes! I really wanted the camel-colored sport coat they also got back in stock, but the double breasted thing was a deal breaker. I'm just... not there yet, and probably never will be.

                Regardless, the marketing's a little on the tiresome side. Reading through each issue's theme and their take on each set of pieces they present to you while you're browsing, to me it comes off sorta contrived and insipid. I'd just as soon take the styles and not have someone give me some abstract spiel about why and how I should wear them.



                  I tried signing up yesterday a few hours after Dave did. They approved me this morning. I took the advice in this thread and decided to join the Hunt Club. Unfortunately I have to wait until the 1st of next month to get my 1st crate.

                  I was wondering what is the fit of their shirts? I've clicked on a few of their dress shirts and it doesn't say whether they are relaxed, trim, or slim fits. I've found that trim fit shirts fit me best so I was hoping theirs are along that line.



                    @vicious--Regarding the fit of F&O shirts: I would say they generally fall somewhere between trim and slim. And, honestly, there isn't 100% consistency across the board on their sizing. I have a few shirts, all in a size small, and while they all fit well, a couple of the more casual shirts are definitely in the "slim" category while the dressier oxfords are more "trim". I'm 5'10", 150 and athletic and the smalls in the oxfords are just right for me. The more casual shirts I would be tempted to call extra-small. Definitely not a good buy for a guy carrying around a few extra pounds.

                    And I echo anyone who says their pricing scheme is off. $50 for a blazer and $45 for a shirt is inexplicable. However, I find their quality is good and I haven't needed to have any of the shirts tailored, so I feel like I'm still getting a good deal.



                      Thanks for the info. As long as it's not relaxed fit, it should be fine. I didn't want anything that was all billowy and baggy. Could you comment on the length of the shirts? I'm 5'8" so it's a bit hit or miss for me depending on the brand. I guess I'll know for sure when I get my 1st package from them next month.



                        For the oxfords and other dress shirts, the length is good for me (at 5'10"). They wear well tucked in or not. The casual shirts (and one, in particular) are a bit short, IMO, but that hasn't been a problem because I don't typically tuck them in. I'd suggest that when you get your first Hunt Club box you try to get an oxford and also a casual shirt to see if there's as pronounced a difference for you as I have seen. With this sort of small company, it's difficult to know what you're going to get fit-wise from month to month.



                          I find the fit of their shirts to be very inconsistent. I typically wear a J Crew X-Small (Traditional fit, not Slim fit) and sometimes their small shirts fit alright but sometimes they are too big. In general, they are a bit of a boxier cut. Even similarl looking shirts have different cuts, so its kind of a roll of the dice on which I keep and which I don't. I think people who normally wear a size small and up won't have the same problem as me, though. I'm 5'8'' as well and am happy with the shirt length. I had the tailor bring up the sleeves on the dress shirts but the casual shirts actually fit perfect under a sport coat, sleeve length wise.

                          I agree that $45 is a lot for their shirts, but wait till later in the month and if you're a Hunt Club member you'll start getting coupon codes for 15%-45%. At those prices the stuff is great and some of the shirts are even worth spending the money to have them tailored. Some of the stuff will be sold out / won't restock but none of it is so great to really get torn up about it.

                          As for the blazers, the one I got fit really weird. It was VERY slim fit, very stiff/structured and large in the shoulders for what I typically wear. The quality was on par with its price... which is just, well, if you're going to the trouble of wearing a blazer, its worth it to buy something nicer. Maybe it was just the blazer I got. Maybe the other blazers are less structured/more casual and in line with the price point but I wouldn't get too worked up over not being able to get one.