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Tommy Hillfiger suit @ Macy's: Fit questions (pics included)

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    Tommy Hillfiger suit @ Macy's: Fit questions (pics included)

    So basically I start my first big boy job next week. I think I can get by with 2 suits until I can afford more, but right now I have to buy the second suit. I've shopped around and I think the TH @ Macy's is the best off the rack bet for me, but I wanted y'all's opinion before I pulled the trigger.

    This is the 36S

    And this is the 36R

    My reaction:

    The first time I tried it on, my GF thought the 36 short fit better. And I agreed with her. This time out today, though, I'm starting to think the 36R is better and can be tailored later. The 36S I think is too short in the jacket and maybe even too short in the sleeves.

    In addition, I'm concerned with the buttflap (dual vent fabric). It doesn't seem to cover my ass all the way? Or something. It doesn't rest and seems like it's pulled tight around me.

    Also, feel free to reject both of these and tell me I'm making a terrible decision. Also also, sorry for the crappy pictures and messy dressing room mirror.


    I think it's a compromise for you, but if you're going to do it, get the 36R for sure and shorten the sleeves.

    The shoulders are just a little big for you, and it makes the sleeves look limp instead of sharp. Not a lot of 35R or 34R jackets out there, but I think you need to find one

    EDIT: You may still come back to the 36R if a 35/34R winds up being unwearably tight, but I think it's worth looking. Depends on your time crunch and if you can get a deal on this suit that makes it more attractive.



      Definitely the Regular length.

      The shoulders do look a TINY bit too big. It's not bad though - the suit still looks really good. But I wouldn't pay 150+ dollars for something that didn't fit great.



        If it were me, I'd get it. The 36R looks great, even if the shoulders are a tad strong. I don't think that it looks disproportionate; if anything, it strengthens your frame.

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          Hilfiger suits have a little bit too much shoulder padding so it might not be the fit. I have one I like a lot. If there was less padding in the shoulders I'd love it.



            Thanks for the feedback, guys. Yeah, not likely to find anything smaller. Jackets run big. Pants run small. I'm not Ryan Lochte or anything, but Tommy Hill making me feel like a disproportional pudge with these sizes (36/33x30).

            Yeah. My only other real option is the new J Crew factory suit but I'd have to mail that and take a chance on size.

            The shoulders don't really bother me that much. They are still but fit, I think. Maybe not. Still concerned about that back flap though. :/



              Probably just need to cut open the the vents and that flap will fall naturally. It's a close fit - can just do some pull-ups, and you'll be fine. ;-) What about a lighter color?



                The shoulders look big, but I have that suit in a different color and I think a lot of it is the excessive padding/structure in the shoulders. I really dislike it, but it seems to be how all suits in that price range are made for some reason.



                  I have to agree about the shoulders. Tommy Hilfiger suits almost always have strong shoulders.

                  @Jose, I own the JCrew Factory suit and the Tommy Hilfiger slim fit tux.

                  JCrew is size 38R (would have gone S if it were available when I bought it).

                  Tommy tux is 36S.

                  The Tommy tux fits me in the shoulders similar to you. The shoulders are strong, but it's not a bad look. Just different from the current fashion.

                  The JCrew suit fits better on my sloping shoulders. Less padding.

                  Just though I'd help you out on the sizing.



                    Yikes, I'm just not a fan of either one. Both the sleeve length and the jacket length are unacceptably short on the 36S. Shoulders appear okay. Sleeve length *MIGHT* be fixable if there is like an inch and a half of material in the cuff, which is doubtful, but the jacket length is just a deal-breaker. It's far too short, definitely too short for a suit and maybe even for a sportcoat.

                    As for the 38R, like others have said the shoulders are too big for you, I see slight divoting and they just look 1990 linebacker big. @NC - it looks like the vents ARE open.. So the drape is all screwed up back there. It could possibly be because the suit needs a press, or it could be because the shoulders are making it do strange things. The chest and waist appears to fit you perfectly.

                    I'd say to get neither of these, you can do better for your money. The 36S looks like it was made for your little brother, and the 38R doesn't fit in the one area it really needs to (shoulders), and if that drape ISN'T fixable by pressing, you're gonna look like your ass is Kim Kardashian sized.



                      Whoa you guys are a tough crowd. I think both look fine, with a preference towards the 36S.

                      The shoulder padding is a little strong, but comparing it to 90's suits is absurd.

                      THIS is what shoulder padding looked like in the 90's and the Tommy Hilfiger suit is not even close.


                      Even though the suit doesn't fit OP perfectly, he would still in the 90th percentile of American men wearing either one.



                        It's a well known fact that TH suits have the biggest shoulder pads around, so critiquing that suit for its shoulder pads is a pretty fair thing in my mind. It doesn't help that the big suit shoulders are actually too big for the man's shoulders inside the suit, so the problem is compounded. Natural shoulders that are slightly too big are almost unnoticeable, but padded too large shoulders in a size that's also too large is not so great.

                        All I'm saying is that your money could be better spent on something that fit more closely.



                          Nevermind the shoulders - the short jacket, combined with the long rise of the pants (and the 'drop crotch') looks totally wrong.



                            Jose, what's your height and weight? I am shopping for a couple of suits myself right now (early stages) and I have slimmed down quite a bit in the last year or two. (I'm coming down from a US size 42 but my old suits were Italian made Corneliani suits so they may actually be closer to a 40)

                            Are you around 5'8-9'' and about 150-165 lbs? Thanks!

                            I thought I look OK in a 38s but I am thinking more about 36r



                              @pomor: I'm 5'10, 160. My jacket is probably 36 sometimes 38 depending on the brand.



                              So you guys have confirmed my fears about the suit. I did purchase it as a safety net two days ago in case I needed it in my first week of work, but at this point I'm planning to return it. Hopefully I can get by on one suit for a while.

                              When I was visiting my buddy yesterday waiting for him to get his lunch break, I stumbled across a J Crew factory outlet. Tried on the blue Thompson suit in 38. Much better. And I'm thinking (hoping) a 36 will fit me.

                              So basically at this point I'm thinking about biting the bullet on a full-priced Tompson suit, which would be about $50 more than the TH. Anywhere else I should look before I do it?