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Any of you wearing happy socks?

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    Any of you wearing happy socks?

    I'm just wondering for those who do, how do you wear them?

    I can do the "dashed line" ones, but I like the colors of the argyle ones, yet i'm not sure how i'd incorporate them into an outfit (casual like jeans or chinos and bd shirts). How about two-color stripes ones?

    What's your trick?


    You know, I really thought that I would be a Go-To-Hell sock kind of guy, but I'm just not. It looks forced on me. I'm still trying, but I'm starting to slowly gravitate towards boring solid colored socks.

    Someone who rocks GTH socks, share your wisdom! I wanna learn too.






        I think of socks like ties or pocket squares: it doesn't have to "match" it should complement the ensemble. Pull in a color or complimentary color from the outit and you're good to go.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          I'm with Greg. I've always worn interesting looking socks as long as they had a color in there that matched say my shirt or whatever. I'm actually ordering some Happy Socks from there site as we speak since I just saw they're having a 70% off sale.

          Also, if you want to see how to pull off socks like this with a suit,watch for Herm Edwards on ESPN.



            I really need more socks, I like the idea of a dash of color at my feet. However, the Happy Socks website really won't work for me, I don't see any socks. Tried every browser, on different computers, on my phone, at work, nothing.




              @greg_s and Vicious49: I agree on "matching" one color to your ensemble. I guess I just like more harmony in my outfit and socks can be a clashing factor. Like that Herm Edwards, it feels like the socks takes all the shine and the rest of the outfit looks dull in comparison.

              @Kenneth: I haven't gone further than solid color with motifs (dots, objects and such)

              @Jessy: Have you tried deleting your cache/cookies? I tried on ff, ie, chrome, and it works for me. You can try re-selecting your country as well.



                I don't go crazy with the GTH socks, but I do like having color/pattern in my socks (think this: or this: but not so much this: ). I also like some of the Vivarti socks ( ) that are generally more "professional" (to an extent) GTH socks.

                For work, I don't wear no break suit pants, so mine rarely show. I think of it as something more there for me than anyone else. I agree with Greg that you wear them so they compliment (or even match... or close enough) whatever you're wearing. A majority of my socks, as well as a majority of my other clothes, go with blue hues, so it isn't too much to think about.

                For casual wear, wear them with whatever you want -- who cares. Wear all blue jeans and gray, but then throw in red or green socks. I feel like less coordination is necessary if you're truly going casual.



                  I have several pairs I have yet to wear because they're so loud. I can only really imagine wearing them in some sort of fashion free-for-all event like a music festival, or to going out on the town. Basic stripes and argyles I think are fine for everyday wear, unless they're all very bright colors. I think with Happy Socks, the problem is that a lot of the designs have ugly color combinations or patterns, whereas I've seen socks from higher-end makers with similar color schemes in much more attractive designs.

                  If you want to try GTH, I think colorful argyles are a great start, and multi-thin-stripes are pretty easy to pull off. Things are easier if the dominant colors are blues, greys, and browns.



                    I'm a big GTH sock guy. You can throw most of the rules out the window. I just make sure nothing totally clashes. But the rest of what I wear tends to be more conservative so I just go for it.

                    Dress for style, live for results.



                      Most the socks I wear to work are anything but plain. I have a few with skull and crossbones, dinosaurs, stripes, argyle, dots. I am always on the hunt for fun socks to wear.

                      I work in a pretty laid back office environment as part of a computer help desk so most people don't pay any attention to my socks but it still makes me smile every time I see them.

                      Like everyone else has has said I just make sure they don't clash with anything I'm wearing.



                        I have about 10 pairs of happy socks and love them. I wear a pair almost everyday to work. Since we're required to wear socks and I enjoy showing them off I typically wear them with boat shoes. Best of both worlds, comfort and style. That being said, are these socks for everyone? Perhaps not. I don't have an over the top personality so I like these socks because they offer me way to exhibit some personality into my wardrobe. They've become something of a signature look for me.

                        I would caution you however Happy Socks are well built but with lots of regular wear they do break down. Not to mention they shrink the first time they are dried. So size up to compensate for the shrinking and by shrinking I mean about a quarter of their length is gone once you get them from the dryer.

                        For my money, you can not beat GAP and Banana Republic. They are thick but not heavy they don't shrink and I've never had a hole in one. Go to Gap and load up since they are often 3 for 15 even when not on sale.