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First Suit: Indochino Charcoal or Navy?

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    First Suit: Indochino Charcoal or Navy?

    Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased one of those Google Offers which allows me to buy a suit, shirt, and tie from Indochino. I'm not sure whether to go with the charcoal or navy color and I was wondering whether anyone has had experience with either/both. Looking at the details, I see that the navy is made of super 100's wool and that the charcoal is made of super 120's. I know this isn't necessarily a statement on the quality of the garment, but if anyone has had experience with these suits, I would like to hear some feedback on them.

    Also, any advice on whether I should adjust for possible future weight gain in my measurements (I'm going to be a sophomore in college now, and I gained 17 pounds during my freshman year but have since lost 10) and where I would adjust for those would be much appreciated, along with just general measurement-tweaking advice for Indochino. From looking through past threads, I already know to send an e-mail for higher armholes/lower button stance but not much else.

    Thanks in advance!


    IIRC, it's no longer necessary to ask for higher armholes and lower button stance, as I believe those are standard now. I e-mailed to ask, as I have an Indochino in production right now (also from that Google Offer).

    There's another thread about Indochino right now that I just posted some measurement advice in, go check that out (I'm too lazy to go find it and copy+paste).

    That having been said, go navy!



      I have the navy and I think that it is a quality, versatile suit. I would not worry about extra girth for weight gain, 7 Lbs is not a lot, also it will be a good motivator to watch what you eat/drink.

      As for measuring tips, they ask you to measure with a shirt on, so make sure the shirt fits you well, especially the shoulder seams. In addition, it is totally impossible to do the measurements alone, and tailors seem to be unreliable. Get someone to help you, follow along with the videos on their site, double-check the measurements, and be prepared to ask for a remake if necessary. I measured the length of the jacket while wearing a jacket I already like the length of and it turned out great, so that is always an option.

      I think that if you are prepared for the whole make-send-remake-return process you can get a great fit. If you receive your suit and you feel there is something wrong, but you are not sure what, post pics in the "How does this fit?" thread. I also took my first suit to my trusted tailors for their appraisal and advice, and adjusted the measurements for the remake based on that.

      Finally, the Indochino standard seems to be 10" leg openings, that was too big for me, so I had them taper to 9" for my second suit, which was also through the Google offer and should arrive soon(ish).



        Random aside, I noticed on MSP's suit, he has adjustable straps (pretty sure it's the suit, and not part of the vest)... I don't see that as an option on Indochino anymore though.

        Is this something you'll mainly only find on custom suits? I've never come across it in my suit-wearing life in stores, but maybe haven't been to the wrong store. Anyone have experience with them? Do they actually work? I like the idea as an alternative to a belt or complimentary to a belt...



          @hornsup84 You have to click on the "More Options" link on the top of the page, they're called side tabs. I'm considering them as well. I like the streamlined look of a suit without a belt.



            Jessy - go for braces if that's what you want!



              Ah, thank you! I thought that the # of options was a little slim on the normal go-around. I like the idea of side tabs, have seen them on Suits (the USA show) once or twice and think they look good, but am just wary of whether they're a viable alternative to a belt (or could actually solve a little of my variable waistline--it isn't a huge difference, but it does change)...



                Side tabs works great. As long as you measure correctly/get them altered, the pants aren't going to need a belt or suspender to stay up. Baring any large weight gain or loss, the side tabs are adequate for keeping your trousers up with everyday fluctuations. I elected to have both side tabs AND buttons for braces - I figure the buttons for the suspenders are out of the way and I don't think anyone sees the side tabs with the jacket on anyways. I'll admit, Connery's suits as Bond are what convinced me to go the side-adjusters route.

                I was really happy with my prince of wales suit and my tailor says it fits well except the sleeves came in about an inch short. He said that they didn't leave enough room inside the sleeve to let them out, so I have to apply for a remake. Definitely not something to buy if you need a suit ASAP and for sure, skip the working button holes the first time around!



                  I'd like to get side tabs in the future and go without belt loops but still get the buttons for suspenders/braces if I wanted to wear them (like VespaMatt).

                  Looking at Sabir, I can't help but notice how the suit's shoulders extend out. Here...a style god doing that.



                    @NC -- does look a bit large, but I'd like to see a true front-faced picture of it on him with the coat buttoned. Regardless, he rocks that 3 piece better than I could ever hope to.