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Need some shoes for my navy suit.

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    Need some shoes for my navy suit.

    I graduate medical school in May, this fall I have interviews for a residency position. I will be traveling all over the country interviewing for a highly competitive job. Now I have this suit,

    It is currently getting tailored ($170 dollars of tailoring! My old tailor quit and I had to find a new one. I'm paying through the nose for this. But I got the suit for less than 200, so I keep telling myself for a suit that fits my long frame, sub 400 isn't awful).

    I need shoes to go with it.

    Now normally I would wear my burgundy wingtips with broguing. But, I've been informed by multiple people that conservative, traditional dress rules apply here. In the minds of medicine, brown IS NOT worn with navy. (And apparently Burgundy is a shade of brown in this scenario) Black is the ONLY acceptable option. Unfortunately, my rubber soled black shoes from highschool (yeah highschool, almost 9 years ago) are literally falling apart, dropping chunks of rubber as I walk. Plus, the bulky black rubber soled shoe is not a good match for this suit.

    I'd like to find a replacement that is affordable and comfortable to wear, since I put a couple miles in a day walking the hospital floors. These will be work shoes after interview season.

    for the TL;DR community:

    I need a black shoe to wear with that suit.

    Under $150 (or cheaper preferably)

    Size 13

    Can you guys help me?


    No brown with navy? Any idea why people think that? Not conservative enough?

    Anyway, if you want conservative black shoes to wear with a suit, a cap-top oxford is a good way to do it. The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue is pretty much the #1 recommendation in it's price range, currently on sale for $219 at Nordstrom. More than your desired price, but honestly worth the extra money because most shoes in the $150-range are going to be quite a bit lower in quality.

    Edit: I didn't notice your point about having to work in them as well - that seems odd, I wouldn't have expected that to matter, are you going into sales or something? In any case I've heard many good things about the Park Ave's comfort, but of course that's all subjective and you won't know unless you try them out yourself.





        I have a pair of burgundy AE Hancocks. The burgundy goes great with Navy. I find it a great balance between Brown and Black.



          Did you get a job in an office or will you be in a hospital? I find it odd that you will need to wear dress shoes if oyu are in a hospital. That being said I suggest you go to Ebay and find a pair of AE Park Ave. I am sure you can get a really nice pair for $150.



            It's for interviews if I'm reading the OP correctly. Best to stay on the safe conservative side until you have the job. For under $150 they won't have a lot of longevity, but the links dangle posted should be a good start.

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              Interviews mostly. And VERY conservative dress is STRONGLY suggested (i.e. basically mandatory)

              Lots of walking around, taking tours, etc.

              When I'm done with interviews and have a job (hopefully) I'd like something I can wear at work.

              Basically Doctors are broken into two main categories: Surgery or Medicine.(Exceptions obviously for Psychiatry, etc.)

              If you aren't surgery, you don't need to be wearing scrubs. Therefore, professional dress should be adhered to. Rounding on patients, you walk a couple of miles a day in the hospital, in slacks and dress shoes. That will really tear up the feet if your shoes are not comfortable.

              LOVED these:

              but they are sold out, apparently everywhere.



                AE Park Aves or Magnanni Black Cap Toe should fit the bill However...size 13 might be tough to find for cheap on ebay.

                Are you positive you are 13? I'd say print of the AE size chart and use that, it seems dress shoes are sized quite differently than my standard sneakers etc. I'd normally buy an 11, but right now I have my foot in a UK size 9 chukka and it's not crammed. My ae cortland 11's seem very short length wise, but my other AE 11's could probably be 10.5's if you can try them on that would help a lot.

                Hopefully a 12 would fit you.



                  personally I think a nice dark brown shoe works better with a navy suit but that might be personal preference. That aside..

                  J&M Sale - Some good options around $120 - =13&width=&occasion=

                  Rockport Sale - Plus get 15% off for signing up to the mailing list -,sc.html

                  "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



                    Cole Haan Air Adams (if you're alright with rubber soles)


                    They can be found cheaper ($100-120) if you look around a bit. They are super comfortable and have a pretty classic look.


                    $130 at Endless




                      @sigtweed, while I agree with you, those in more conservative fields would not. Black is the traditionalist color with a true (read: dark) navy suit.

                      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                        Trust me, I have a great set of Cordovan oxfords I usually wear with navy. But for interviews, I have to be very conservative. Thus, the need for black shoes.

                        Those Cole Haans look great, they appear to be what I'm looking for. A downside though is the reviews say they are easily damaged and appear to be a thin veneer of leather over another material. Anyone have personal experience with these?



                          I recently bought the Johnston & Murphy Melton cap-toe from They're currently under $110 for black (regularly $175):


                          A lot of people say they are too shiny and plastic looking, however, I'm satisfied with them. I've conditioned them with leather lotion, saddle soap, and gave them a good polishing and they look fine. I actually like that they are shiny. Goodyear welted and a leather sole. They do need broken in though. I've worn them around the house for the last four days and they get more comfortable each time I put them on.

                          I was also considering the Florsheim Edgar.


                          There's a 25% promo code out there where you can get them for $82 and free shipping. They were out of my size so I went with the J&M Melton.



                            I'll add the strict shoe policy to the list of reasons I didn't go into medicine.

                            My two cents: don't blow a lot on these shoes if you think you'll only need them for the interview process. You're obviously spending plenty to look great in your suit; I can't imagine the eyes of your evaluators will linger too long on your feet. Once you get through this phase, and can match this suit with the bad-ass brown shoes they deserve, you will hopefully bury those black shoes in the back of your closet until the next time you have to go to a funeral.

                            Also: I avoid Cole Haan. Their shoes don't hold up. And given my above opinion regarding these black shoes, I think you'd be spending too much on something you don't plan to use too much in the long-term.