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    i also second the rockports suggestion. i just got back from a business trip where all i wore was the rockports. in all reality, they look just fine, and they're comfy - basically just like sneakers. check out their dress sport line [i picked up a pair for under $100 at a rockport factory outlet store]



      If I'm walking 2 miles to work each day there is no way I'd wear my good shoes on the street. Toss on some Chucks and go with the hipster look. I only caution you because your going to scuff them up bad to and from work and when you get there it'll look like your feet were mauled by a tiger. Better to look a bit off when going to and from work than looking like you were to lazy to polish your shoes before going to work. The commute is only a few minutes but 8 hours of scuffed shoes is a long time.

      If you do wear sneakers just don't wear some goofy Nike shoe. Go with Chucks or some variation so you can cut down on the cringe factor if you pass Tommy Ton or some style forum member.