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Rain Boots Dilemma

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    Rain Boots Dilemma

    Looking for rain boots that are affordable, and goes well with casual and perhaps even work-worthy.

    Two boots I've come up with are:

    -Native Jimmy in Jiffy Black:

    -Tretorn Strala Vinter:

    Having a hard time deciding so I thought I'd ask the dappered community. Thoughts?


    LL Bean boots. Classic, comfy, nigh-invulnerable. Size down.



      Better tretorn link:



        Skip those clunkers.

        Get some classic work boots - Wolverine 1000, Red Wing GT, Chippewa - and slather on the Sno Seal.



          I have the Tretorns you link to and yeah, they're pretty clunky looking in the office. I was hoping for the same as you (rain boots that can be worn all day) but in the future if I do wear them to work I'll end up changing out of them once I arrive in the office.



            I'm a "change at the office" advocate. But I have found myself in the minority with that in the past.

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              I have the tretorns as well. I got them cheap back in the Bonobos half-off store credit days. They are clunky and the quality is so-so (the pull tab on one of mine ripped off the first time I tried putting them on). I almost never wear them because Florida doesn't really have rainy day and I hate being stuck in them when the weather clears.

              For rain I like boots with a rubber sole. I have WW2 Rough Out boot replicas bought off eBay (Made ix Mexico, Goodyear wealted, Steve McQueen approved) as my primary wet weather boot. The rough out gives them a rough, suede-like quality. I also have a pair of boat-boots from Lands End Canvas I got cheap during their recent sales.

              This weekend, while at the Sperry outlet, I saw some sweet 'deck' desert boots.

              Unless you're actually going hunting or wading through a river, I'd say skip the obvious rain boots and go with something a little more contemporary.



                How about a decent looking waterproof boot that you can wear with business casual attire:

                Florsheim Aldon