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Glasses vs. Contacts, and the Sunglasses Dilemma

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    Glasses vs. Contacts, and the Sunglasses Dilemma

    I wear glasses. I've never really considered contact lenses, but I do know that a lot of people swear by them. So, I suppose my question is, what do you wear? Are you a contacts guy? Glasses guy? A bit of both?

    Which leads me to my next question: Considering that I do wear glasses, no sunglasses ever meant anything to me because I could never wear them, as they aren't my prescription. No cool aviator RayBans, nothing that Joe posts here on Dappered, I can't wear them because I don't wear contacts and need my glasses.

    I guess over the course of time I have just become accustomed to looking at myself with glasses on and think now that I look better with them. But then my sunglasses choice is extremely limited (the only pair I have are the Thatchers from Warby Parker).

    What say ye?


    Not interested in contacts, so I'm planning to buy 2 prescription pairs of Warby Parker's myself.



      I wear glasses only. My sunglasses are more function than form, i.e., the thickness of my lenses (which are for a strong astigmatism) doesn't bother me for them. I try to get them as thin as possible for my daily wear.

      On a random note, I recently changed my optometrist. Instead of "1 or 2?" I now do "Left or right?" Yes, I see both images.



        I've worn contacts in the past, but due to astigmatism and other various issues, I can't wear them now. I dearly miss being able to buy and wear the sunglasses I'd like to wear. Their is no good solution for me, unfortunately.



          I do a bit of both but mainly contacts in the summer so I can wear sunglasses. I've been wearing contacts on and off since high school.



            Used to be contacts only (for sports), and still generally stick to that. I am wary of becoming the guy who looks odd when not wearing his glasses.

            That being said, I do have a pair of Oliver Peoples glasses that I rotate in on occasion (when my eyes are tired, contacts bothering me or just for a change of pace). I get tons of compliments on them, but still don't want that to become my only look. That and I do enjoy being able to wear sunglasses.



              Glasses. I can't deal with the idea of sticking my finger in my eye.

              I really like the look of the Warby Parker sunglasses, but my prescription is too weird for them to handle.



                I wore contacts for years but I prefer the aesthetic of glasses. Warby Parker fixed the sunglasses issue for me.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  Can't stand contacts. I wore them in the past irregularly, when I needed to wear sunglasses or goggles.

                  These days I refuse to wear them at all. I have a slight astigmatism and vertical heterophoria, so not only are contacts uncomfortable to wear, but the lack of a prism option means that I can get migraines from eye strain.

                  Plus I like the way glasses look. And I like the extra eye protection (a highly underrated benefit to wearing glasses regularly). Sunglasses have been a difficulty... bought some Rx, but the Rx isn't quite the same as my normal glasses. I'm thinking a better option might be custom-made clip-ons. A little dorky, yes, but I'm already a dork so I might as well embrace it. Now I just need to find a place that actually does clip-on sunglasses.




                    Wow, absolutely blown away by the responses. I feel like everyone I know (who needs corrective lenses full-time) who has ever worn contacts, continues to only wear contacts. They only time they wear glasses are at home, or when they're out doing something at an odd time (early in the morning or late at night).

                    Myself included in this - although recently my Warby Parkers have made it more fun to wear glasses.



                      I long hated the idea of putting a foreign object in my eye. But a few years ago I got contacts for a snorkeling/diving trip after using terrible prescription goggles.

                      I've never looked back. I rarely wear my glasses. Much better range of vision. More comfortable. And the finger in the eye is a piece of cake so long as you have plenty of hand sanitizer.



                        I dislike wearing glasses, such a pain for anything active along with the fact that I'm just not in the category of someone that would look good wearing glasses, I'd fall more into a serial killer look.

                        That being said, Air Optix contacts, leave them in for 2 weeks or so at a time, take them out for a bit to let eye have some time off and back in. Sleep in them no problem, the whole putting something in your eye doesn't phase me now, I've had a contact fall out in hockey after being grazed in the eye by a shoulder...put it in mouth and back in eye.



                          I wear contacts, though I've been out of them for nearly two months now, never remember to schedule an appointment to get a new prescription. I leave mine in overnight and for many weeks at a time, never really bothers me. Taking trips without my sunglasses is quite painful. If you prefer the glasses look or can't find a contact option that works for you, you can obviously get prescription sunglasses or transitions lenses. Or of course you could go for the Dwayne Wayne flip-ups!



                            "...I've had a contact fall out in hockey after being grazed in the eye by a shoulder...put it in mouth and back in eye."

                            If you do go for contacts, don't do this... ever.



                              Johdus, how exactly to you propose I drive home? No glasses and no solution(and solution I use takes 6 hours before it's no longer peroxide).


                              Not that bad, I'd be more worried about the lense sitting the drain on a sink, I won't even disenfect it and use it after that.