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    Matt - I think you're barking up the wrong tree... With a beer belly, you don't want slim fits. What would be boxy on me might be a good fit for you through the torso. You still want to nail a snug neck and sleeves just past the wrists, but a traditional fit is going to be up your alley versus a slim or tailored look.



      wow acousticfoodie - that deal for the MTM shirts sounds awesome - any reviews on the shirts? is there another thread already started on these shirts?



        There were about 8 threads with people saying they were ordering shirts there, but I found only one commenting on the shirt afterwards:

        Of course, devirkahan did an entire post on the topic:



          Since nobody has mentioned it, I've had good luck with Banana Republic Slim Fit shirts, and I've never paid full price. I either wait for a 40% off coupon, or pick them up from a Factory Store that's about 25-30 minutes away (but near my folks' place). The fit isn't as slim as I would need at 5-8 and 145 lbs, but it's not overly billowly in a small. If I didn't wear ties, I could probably pull off and X-small, but the neck would choke me if I tried to button it (they also don't sell XS in their retail stores). I love that the shoulders, neck, and sleeves fit well off the shelf. The main reason I like them, however, is for durability. I wash them on gentle and iron them after a gentle tumble dry, and they look perfectly pressed. I don't mind dry cleaning, but the cost adds up, so having a perfectly pressed shirt at home without needing to get a pricey steamer is something I appreciate.

          If you don't have to wear a tie, I just picked up a "Soft Wash Slim Fit" from BR. I'm impressed. I can pull it off with a casual tie, but it looks really nice casually untucked or tucked in with a blazer -- and even irons well at home. I picked up one without a button-down collar because I noticed the solids with button down version had pleats on the rear, which made it boofier. The only other comment on fit is that it's not quite as long as most of my dress shirts, so it may untuck with some movement. Not a huge concern as I will wear this a bit more casually anyway.

          Out of curiosity, I just tried on one of Gap's Slim Fit dress shirts. Not as impressed. Shorter cut than BR, and slightly narrower neck. If I wore that collar unbuttoned, the collar tips would tick up a bit. Very awkward look. YMMV.

          One shirt I would recommend steering clear of is the Express 1XM series, or at least the 1XM shirts that have stretch to them. Although they're attractive in price and modern look, they do not have good durability whatsoever. I would have to send them to the cleaners to be wrinkle free without burning the polyester on the shirt or making it shiny. Fit was okay except that the sleeves were boofy for "slim fit." If you find the non-printed shirts that are NOT stretchy or polyester, then maybe you'll have better luck. I have one that I still wear occasionally, but I've donated the rest of them.



            The 1MX shirts are 97% cotton, 3% spandex. I like them, but I prefer to take all my shirts to the cleaners.



              I guess it's just me and my strange body shape... lol.

              Vis-a-vis Modern Tailor: do NOT fudge your measurements in order to get what you think will be a better fitting shirt. I did that and now have a frankenstein shirt that wouldn't fit any body on the face of the earth (super narrow shoulders with oddly billowing chest and skin-tight abdomen). From what I've heard about normal people who DON'T lie about their measurements and order from MT, general happiness seems to abound.



                Nick - I understand that a traditional or regular fit is more suited to my build, but are you suggesting that I'm unlikely to find such fits at those stores? I thought I would just go to test drive a bunch of shirts in person to get a frame of reference for what does and doesn't fit my body type. I also have a Land's End Tailored Fit gingham shirt on the way so after I've tried that I'll have a better idea of whether LE and/or LE Canvas might be my go-to store for shirts. I know you say that I shouldn't be aiming for tailored fit but given that many people complain about how boxy and billowy LE shirts are even in tailored fit perhaps they'd fit me really well.



                  @hon140: I'm 5'10" and around 150. I ordered a small from F&O and found that they fit well and I think the material is solid. They're basic, to be sure, but cut well and definitely worth the $35 they cost. One thing I like about them over other shirts I own is that out the door the body and sleeves were much slimmer without any need for alterations. Not made to measure, but a very good fit for my frame. I think they sometimes send codes toward the end of a month, as I got mine from the Deals Around the Net thread here for 25% just before the new monthly collection rolled out.



                    Matt - You will be in luck in terms of finding traditional/classic cuts in stores. That's about 80% of what's out there because that's what fits most Americans. You'll have a more complete read once your Tailored fit comes in.



                      Matt, you're underselling yourself. You do not have a beer belly. I'm fairly skinny and I had the same experience as you with Bonobos shirts. Here are a few ideas:

                      Charles Tyrwhitt slim fit (not tailored fit) shirts might work for you.

                      Brooks Brothers regular or slim fit (not extra slim fit) might work for you.

                      Nordstrom non-iron regular or slim might work for you. The tailored fit would probably be too slim.

                      I would avoid Gap, Banana Republic, Express, Old Navy and J. Crew for quality or fit reasons.

                      Dave, I would recommend buying shirts one at a time so that you can take advantage of extreme sales. For example, Charles Tyrwhitt has periodic "$40 shipped + a free tie" sales. has Groupon 50% off gift cards that you can pair with 40% off promo codes for a total of 70% off the list price of a dress shirt. If you manage to find a 40% off + 20% off sale you can get Neiman Marcus shirts for a total of 76% off, or $12 each.



                        I think it's more of a proportions things for Matt. He's not "a big guy" or something, so he's wearing shirts in a small size, as he should, to fit his neck and chest. The more traditional fits or the next tier of slim fits, like you're suggesting too, would be boxy on someone with a v-shape, but it would work for him. Matt, I just don't want you to be frustrated with shirts and am hoping to get you pointed towards the right fit.



                          bruschetta and Nick - Going to move this over to the "Casual shirt advice" thread I started last week so as to not detract from the OP's question.



                            So just to update this a bit:

                            I purchased these as well:

                            Got the Neiman Marcus fitted shirts in and they fit perfectly, I have not washed or dried them yet, but they are perfect, body is fitted, sleeves are loose enough for me to move around it. Looking forward to some of their sales in the future as well. Thanks for the suggestions.



                              I bought the same exact boots today. Definitely more sleek and stylish than what I'm used to but that's the point, right? "Casual" to most guys around here would be considered "fancy schmancy" to most guys in my office. I think I'll like them a lot, even more so after they've been broken in for a few months.



                                Matt - I'm 5'11" and 180ish with a paunch. I find that fitted (not slim-fit) shirts fit me well around the mid section and are not baggy like traditional or classic fit.

                                My problem is finding fitted shirts with exact sleeve length at an affordable price. I'm a 33, but 32/33 shirt sleeves are too short and 34/35 are much too long. I may have to go the MTM route but don't want to pay that much for basic dress shirts.