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Best Shoe Value on Face of Earth: Meermin

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    Best Shoe Value on Face of Earth: Meermin

    I've wondered for a long time why we don't have a post discussing Meermin... In short, they're a relatively new startup with brick and mortars in Madrid and Tokyo.

    Last time I was in Madrid I stopped by their B&M and was astounded by how many fantastic styles they have yet to load up to their site. Their head chap Jose is a fantastic guy with whom I've had dealings and I've never been disappointed by their customer service. If anyone is interested but is recalcitrant due to language concerns, allow me to put them to rest: almost everyone in the store speaks better English than most Americans.

    Their Classic line shoes are priced at 150 euros, and the Linea Maestro line is priced at 250 euros. They also have a MTM program through which you can specialize shoes (last, color, broguing, etc ad libitum) for only a 50 euro upcharge. These shoes are easily AE quality, and the Linea Maestro line has been favorably compared to lines like Carmina (of whom Meermin is a sibling company), Crockett & Jones, and others.

    Their tumblr (awesome pictures of their shoes):


    Styleforum discussion of the brand:

    Let's discuss! As for me, I have a pair of these in the queue to purchase early next month:


    I want all of their shoes. If they had free shipping and returns, or I was otherwise confident in sizes/fit I think I'd already have a couple pairs by now.



      E-mail Jose with your size in a particular shoe last and they will match you to all of theirs. Or check the SF thread where people have mentioned the size equivalences, that's what I've done. Looks like very few people have had issues with sizing.



        Kenneth, I suspect that most people do not write about Meermin because they do not have a U.S. retail presence.

        Meermin does not provide an easy way for Americans to order shoes. Additionally, Spanish shoes (Meermin in particular) are wider than U.S. shoes and length sizing varies.

        I would also be concerned about customer support from a company without a listed telephone number.

        The shoes are quite attractive. I would seriously consider this model if I were able to see it in person: and this model would be perfect if it were in black calf leather:



          Here is a write up from putthison



            I've mentioned Meermin here a few times, but haven't tried to gamble yet just because of sizing.

            I've seen recommendations to go anywhere from -.5 to -1, but compared to the 5 last of AE the lengths are VERY different.

            Also, you can get AE for $200 on sale, so $200 for Meermin is really just more convenient than a much better deal.

            If anyone owns a pair, let me know how sizing worked for you! I'm a loose 9D or tight 8.5D in the 5 last.



              I'd be willing to check them out if they come stateside. International ordering can be a headache. Overall they have some beautiful looking shoes. It's hard to tell what the shape is really like. Some look a bit clunky. And the brogueing is really large (Aldo Mr. B sized almost) on some shoes.

              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                Sorry I stopped reading at "chap"......



                  But those suede double monks are the business...



                    @Anonymous - I can be unintentionally Anglo-Saxon at times...

                    @Brusch - It seems like no one on SF has had any kind of difficulty with their customer service, nor have I. But the differences in international business practice can make some Americans a little leery, and I understand that.

                    Still, the shoes speak for themselves. Just absolutely breathtaking and the quality by all accounts is better than the kind of AE you can get for ~$200, sale or no sale.



                      Kenneth, don't you think that you're being slightly dishonest? The thread on StyleForum that discusses Meermin has quite a few complaints concerning unanswered emails, and lack of post-sale customer support. The last few pages, as of today, include a discussion on Meermin shipping the wrong color shoes to a few customers.



                        For those prices, I think I'd be willing to risk it, and rely on credit-card purchase protection should anything go really wrong. I think Meermin will be my next shoe purchase after the AE Strands I'm planning on buying any day now.



                          @Brusch - I wasn't aware of any customer service problems. I have no dog in this fight and so have no reason for dishonesty, but I apologize for not noticing any complaints on the SF thread.