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Suggestion on comfortable shoe for two weeks in Europe?

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    Suggestion on comfortable shoe for two weeks in Europe?

    I'll be traveling to Europe next month (Munich, Prague, and Venice) for two weeks. Part of that trip is for work so I'll be in a suit with dress shoes. The rest I'll be taking some personal time and exploring the area. I'm looking for a comfortable shoe as I'll be doing lots of walking.

    Depending on the trip I'll usually wear my Alden Indy's or NB 574. Obviously the Aldens look great and are comfortable, but can get awfully hot with a full day of walking; not to mention you can't wear them with shorts. The NB are extremely comfortable and I can wear them with pants/shorts, but they're not the best looking.

    I pack extremely light and will only be carrying my saddleback briefcase with me (shipping work suitcase back) so I need to settle on one pair of shoes. Suggestions?




    function over style.

    NB wins out.



      I wore Asics running shoes without shame when I was in Europe for two weeks. Of course I didn't know a thing about style back then, but I'll guarantee you that I'd still do the same now

      Comfortable feet will be one less distraction from enjoying your trip.



        I'd suggest either a low top "fashion sneaker" (not the ugly Steve Madden style) something like this.. 242105011&pf_rd_r=0WQAHVKVX4EZ8ZJVB317&pf_rd_m=AF1 6NM0QF9TKW&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_i=homepage&pf_rd_p=13 60251442&pf_rd_s=headernav#ie%3DUTF8%26cAsin%3DB00 5COYVC2%26fromPage%3Dsearch%26sr%3D1-22%26qid%3D1343414841059%26clientPageSize%3D100%26 brands%3DPUMA%26node%3D242105011%26sort%3Drelevanc e-fs-browse-rank%26nodes%3D242105011%26rnid%3Dbrands%26asin%3D B00605LAMG%26ref%3Dsr_1_22%26pageCode%3Dd

        It's compact, simple, can be worn with both pants or shorts and the style comes in a ton of varieties typically inexpensive.

        The other thing would be to just eschew shorts altogether and go with a casual leather shoe. Europe doesn't get as hot as the US and even in the summer you should be okay with pants. I traveled around Central America for a few weeks and just packed pants and a bathing suit and it was fine

        Dress for style, live for results.



          The most comfortable canvas sneaker I have ever worn: PF Flyer Sumfun Lo. Not to sound like one of those Zappos dude, but it has a removable insole that adds great comfort and support. Much more comfortable than Purcell's, Superga, etc. And much better looking than any NB.



            I've got a similar thing going on next month, different cities but same idea. I have never really been a fan of Cole Haan but I've been hearing good things about their shoes with the Nike Air tech in them. I think I'm going to give a pair of their driving mocs a try. Depending on your size, I've seen them as cheap as $70 on Nordstroms and Zappo have quite a few on sale for around $100. A driving moc would serve you well in both slacks and shorts.

            I'm also very interested in the Lunargrand chukka from Cole Haan, but those are only currently sold in the NYC flagship store. I contacted Suddenlee about seeing if they could get them and they said they would check into it if I gave them a size and color preference, but I never followed up.