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    :Lauren by Ralph Lauren

    I bought a "LAUREN | Ralph Lauren" pale tan/off-white/light beige sportcoat at Belk on sale today for $80 (retail $200). It's basically the best fitting jacket I've ever put on. I feel like it was made for me (38R). The Belk website calls it "microsuede." ghtweight+Micro+Suede+Sportcoat.jsp?off=11

    Here's the thing: I've never heard of the "LAUREN" branch of RL. When I went on the RL website they didn't have the "LAUREN" brand under men (though strangely under women--and, yes, haha I'm sure it's a men's jacket). Every google search I tried just took me to more Polo stuff. Belk had other LAUREN stuff like like dress shirts.

    What should I expect in terms of quality? Somewhere between Chaps and Polo?


    I've read on Style Forum that Lauren by Ralph Lauren isn't even part of Ralph Lauren. I can't find anything to confirm nor deny that though.

    In terms of quality, SF also said it's below than Chaps... in other words don't ever consider buying it unless it's 50% off or better.



      Hey, thanks! That's a huge help. I actually went there and did a search. Much better results than google.

      Most people saying that LRL is a bad label and fits poorly in the 2006-2009 threads. Then lately people have said that LRL is much better than people are giving it credit for, and one person even suggested that RL took the label back from whoever they licensed it too.

      At the end of the day it's a great fitting jacket for $80. As long as it doesn't fall apart in 3 months I'll be happy.



        You got a great jacket at a super price. What does the label matter?

        Nice-looking piece, good find.



          It's not the name of the label, it's the quality of the construction and material so it can last. You don't want synthetic materials because they don't breathe properly, wrinkle and stretch easier, and looks and feels cheap. Construction because you want it to last some time, maybe decades, have it look timeless so the cut doesn't become dated over time, and so it can survive cleanings (poorly fused suits can get bubbles and wrinkles that won't go away from the dry cleaning process).

          At the end of the day, fit is the most important matter for purchases, but that doesn't mean you should buy a $50 polyester/rayon suit that has loose threads at several seams just because it fits well off the rack.



            Yeah, I don't really care if it says Ralph Lauren or not. I am a little concerned that it is a licensed brand and therefore a piece of junk. The fact that it is body contoured and has higher arm holes gives me hope that this label has had a rebirth and isn't by the same people who designed the bag jackets/suits talked about on style forum.

            As far as touch, it is softer and feels better to me than a regular cotton blazer. As far as construction, I guess we'll see. I'm taking it on a few international flights this month so we should know soon!

            Again, thanks for the input, guys.



              Pull out the paddles b/c I just revived this old thing. Jose...would you mind giving us a status report on the jacket? I just ordered a Lauren by Ralph Lauren Charcoal suit from Macy's for $223 shipped. It's a good price but not necessarily a good deal. I would appreciate your real world review when deciding to keep/return the suit.



                I've had very good luck with this label. I have a camel hair jacket, a tweed jacket and a thrifted suit from LRL. They all fit me very well. Some shoulders are way more structured than others. I've found the jackets at Burlington Coat Factory for almost nothing. Like $30. They're holding up perfectly well.



                  They're a bit boxy, but then again I'm a bit boxy.