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Forget the Chinos...Let's talk Dress pants

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    Forget the Chinos...Let's talk Dress pants

    There has been a lot of discussion about chinos. Can we discuss dress pants/trousers? I am looking to dress up my work dress and want to get a few more pairs.

    What are your favorites and what colors are staples.

    Right now I have the following. I would like to add a navy pair as well.

    Thompson Charcoal suit pants

    Jcrew Factory Bedfords in almond

    Express Producer pants (would these be considered dress pants?


    I'm also curious what main colors people rotate between.

    I am short on pants right now and rotate through:

    1. Lands End Year'Rounder tailored fit - light grey

    2. Lands End Year'Rounder tailored fit - chocolate brown

    3. Banana Republic chinos - medium grey

    4. Uniqlo tasmanian wool - navy

    However, I find myself wearing #1 and #3 90% of the time.

    I hate khaki, so that's out. I'm thinking of adding some kind of taupe color? Something that's sort of a tan/brown color that's a bit darker than khaki. Suggestions? Also would like to get some more pants that have a little bit of a pattern to them. The ones I have are all boring and solid.



      I like a lot of pants with patterns. Glen plaid, tweed, etc. I think a solid colored dress shirt with patterned pants are a great way to mix it up in the office



        agreed with @Hardrain...I also like the occasional pattern or stripe...

        I do avoid solid brown, as I find that its a limiting color to work with (in an office enviroment..only real option is something and brown..dont see it working)

        This year I invested in various greys. Very pleased.

        In terms of brands, Im not a fan of LE pants. The quality is poor,material thin, and atleast the ones that I have, the pockets flare out so much that it just looks like im wearing clown pants.My LEC chinos are one string pull away from a complete and utter dissolution.

        I used to like CK, but I have had issues with broken zippers :/

        Im surprised that I liked BR's wool pants as much as I have, but they fit and look great. Kenneth Cole sometimes has 100% wool pants, which I do pick up and like the fit of those as well. Their pants can vary from pattern to solid, options are there. DKNY is also good but ($$$).



          Banana Republic is my go-to place for dress pants. Nice materials, good fit, and quite affordable between the 40% off Wednesday coupons, savings vouchers from using my BR card & the other frequent sales they have.



            A little pricier than you're going to spend on BR or Express but during the sale these are reasonably priced.


            There is a slimmer version available for the same price.



              Ya, I'm not a huge fan of the Lands End pants I have, but I managed to snag them for $33, so can't really complain for wool pants.

              @JoshB: I really like those Hugo Boss pants, but $130 seems too steep for me. In that price range I'd probably investigate Howard Yount, incotex, mabitex, et



                @zerostyle: Being able to go in and try them on, as well as having a tailor on hand to pick the break that I would like, makes Nordstrom and these particular pants win.



                  I just got a pair of BR dress pants. They're cotton I believe, in an olive-y color. I'm actually wearing them right now, they're wonderful. Perfect fit, dressy yet laid-back, and comfortable. Retail price is kinda high, but if you can get a discount somehow, I highly recommend them.

                  I'm hoping to snag a pair of glen plaid gray sometime, I love the way it looks, especially in pants.



                    Now THIS is the thread that I've been waiting for. I've recently been really on the lookout for some good wool dress pants. I've done some research on SF and have tentatively decided on Howard Yount:

                    Does anyone have any experience with them? They're pricier than most, but I just hate the feel of cheap wool, it's different from other fabrics in my mind insofar as cheap wool is way worse than cheap cotton, etc.



                      I'd be curious to hear your experiences, Kenneth, if you do place an order.

                      For me, the only product I've actually liked and kept from Bonobos is a pair of their slim fit wool dress pants. Very nice material and fit. Expensive as hell, but with all the groupons and such they used to run, they were well worth the price I paid.

                      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                        I think I'm certainly going to at least give them a try, the fits on the Yount Affiliate thread on SF are just outstanding. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks the outcome.



                          Tommy Hilfiger - Tailored fit Sharkskin weave in light grey(my fav)

                          Lands End Tailored - Mahogany Micro Houndstooth

                          Lands End Flannel - Tailored fit Navy and Grey

                          Sears (boulevard club I think %100 wool - Charcol I'd say

                          Tip Top Tailors Gabardine - Tan/Light Brown

                          Paul Fredrick - Herringbone Cotton&Linen In light grey.

                          What I want:

                          More sharkskin weave, something about the texture is just awesome. I really don't like TH but these for some reason I Love, even at around $130(%40 off sale was on so I bought them)

                          Nicer navy blue pants, and medium grey. This will probably be attained via suit orders.

                          Or I see that LE JUST released a new dress pant "superNatural" and they look quite interesting, the dark slate, navy and ink well all look good.



                            Bought these today:


                            Will update when they arrive in a few days.



                              I had been eyeing a pair of light gray flannel pants on the Howard Yount website for months, and I finally caved and bought them the other day. I must admit, I've never been so excited for a pair of trousers. I'll report back when they show up. I bought the last pair so don't even bother looking for them on the website!


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