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    Has anyone ever bought a Mantoni suit? Local guy around the corner has these in the window and I am curious.

    First off, does anyone have any thoughts on the quality (the price is so low I am approaching as a complete skeptic)? Secondly, if you have bought one, how is it?


    Haha, funny you should ask. I actually have a couple Mantoni suits from - they sell a lot of Mantoni items (and most are well reviewed for whatever that's worth). I have a navy blue and a medium grey "slim fit". Honestly, both seem decently made for the price. No idea how they'd hold up to many pressings/cleanings and the fabric is a bit lightweight. The grey is actually decently slim, but both have more padding in the shoulders than I like so they look big on me. I wore the grey to a wedding and I thought it looked pretty good. Haven't worn the navy because I don't like the fit, but I haven't tried a tailor yet either.

    I got them on sale for about 20% cheaper than I see them on Overstock right now, and I think they're barely worth that price given the fairly generic overpadded/low-armhole/boxy fit. If you don't mind paying return shipping it might be worth it to try them on, but they're not much different in fit or quality than most other options in the $200 range. Honestly, once J Crew does another 30% sale I'm going to buy both colors of the suit Joe reviewed on the Dappered main page today because they look like a better cut.

    I almost ruined the grey suit's pants by trying to hem them myself, during which I somehow managed to rip the fabric. Not sure if that's quality issue or a competence issue :P