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Navy Suit - Jcrew Thompson or BR Italian Wool?

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    Navy Suit - Jcrew Thompson or BR Italian Wool?

    Looking to get some input on which to get. I've been

    on the look out for a navy suit for work conferences

    or social events.

    I recently purchased the BR italian wool ($303 @ 40% off)

    that Joe wrote about in his affordable navy post but I just

    saw his Jcrew Thompson suit and I think that looks great as well.

    Which would work better?


    Either should work equally well. I own an older BR tailored-fit suit (2-3 years old) and just bought the navy Thompson - they are pretty comparable in fit and quality as far as I can tell. If I had to pick one or the other, I would go with the Thompson just because I really like the color, the buttons, the low button stance, and the cost.

    But if you already own the BR, I'm not sure it's worth your time or effort to return it and get the Thompson. I'm sure they will work equally well for your purposes.

    The BR looks to be a traditional solid, dark navy with dark buttons so it may be a little more conservative than the Thompson, which is bluer and has some color variation within the material, plus brown horn buttons.




      thanks for your input BenR. I agree that the BR seems to be more conservative compared to the Thompson. Do you think that being that the BR is more conservative that it would make it "too conservative" for social gatherings of sorts?