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Shoe Lacing Preferences (dress shoes)

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    Shoe Lacing Preferences (dress shoes)

    Shad0w4life's recent post on WIWT got me thinking. How do you lace your dress shoes? Criss-cross of some sort, or bar lacing? I've generally always done criss-cross of some sort, but tried bar lacing out for a while on some of my balmorals. As noted in the Park & Bond link below, I've always thought bar lacing was more formal.

    What do you guys think? Does it depend on whether its a balmoral or blucher? The occasion? color of the shoe? etc.

    Also, a great shoe lacing site, which has been passed along all over, for reference:


    I tried bar lacing for a while, but found it was simply too hard to try and really tighten the laces (especially on a closed-lace shoe). Plus it usually left an absurd amount of excess shoelace. I'm back to the standard criss-cross - it may not be as attractice, but I find it much more functional.




      Interesting post and something I've never thought about. I've always laced it the way the left shoe is done where I do the initial bar on bottom. After clicking on your link, I switched it a bit to try the criss cross their way (on the right shoe) and I think it looks a bit cleaner. I'm not a fan of bar lacing.



        I've always down criss-cross lacing on dress shoes, and most shoes for that matter. During my "punk rock days" we all laced our Converse All Stars bar style so when I see this I don't think formal and think of those days, also most the skin heads* I know lace their boots bar style. With that said I do dig the bar style on formal shoes and may be switching.

        *and I do NOT mean neo-nazi skin heads, I'm talking about traditional skin heads



          I bar lace everything that's a "dress shoe" , girl at work even said that the criss cross is so ugly compared to bar lacing after seeing them both.

          I'm not sure about this hard to tighten a shoe with bar lacing, I have no issues getting the vamps to touch if needed. I will however say that really waxy laces are MUCH more difficult to tighten and I really dislike them(I'm talking to you AE and J&M). There are also different bar lacing methods, the Euro method you can tighten like no ones business, I can't handle that as it crushes my foot and have gone ladder method with 1 cross at the top, most of my shoes are 5 eyelets.

          The shoes vicious posted it makes them look so thrown together and they aren't even "dressy". Now it all comes down to style etc. If you're wearing tailored fitting clothing why use sloppy looking laces is what it comes down to for me. Criss cross does work well on sneakers and hockey skates where you have fatter laces. The whole bar lace on hightops thing always puzzled me.



            Well, I had always done criss cross on my shoes, but got the strand yesterday and my right foot is a tad bigger than the left, so using that method, there was too much spacing on the right (and some tightness) compared to the left. Then, I tried the straight EU lacing, which fits better, but didn't like the diagonal under-lacing. I finished with the straight bar lacing, which gave me two identical "Vs" and relieve tightness over the instep.

            In terms of lacing length at the end, bar crossing is the longest while straight EU is the shortest. The easiest one for adjusting is criss cross while straight bar lacing is the hardest.

            I don't think I would use anything other than criss cross lacing for blutcher because you need to tighten them to stay put. The strand, once I put them on, even without doing a knot, they stay put, so I like the straight bar lacing for them. There is also the gap lacing, which seems to be good for those with pressure on the instep, but it doesn't look visually appealing.

            I wonder if the lacing method could affect your "width" in shoes?

            On another note, I hate AE laces, for its texture and difficulty to readjust shoes.



              I use what is on Vicious' right shoe (with the first bar on top, crosses more "inside" than "out"). Bar lacing I do find difficult to tighten and loosen more. My feet are different sizes as well, so I do get a slightly different size "V" showing on my feet, but I'd be amazed if anyone actually saw them, much less noticed enough to comment.



                Shadow - I'm wearing those mostly with khakis so nothing too fancy. BTW those are the BR blue suede shoes that Joe had posted about a few weeks ago. He was right - they are very versatile.



                  "so" should have been "sorta" in my previous post,

                  But that was exactly my point; they aren't dressy so that lace pattern will work as the shoes fall into more of a sneaker type vibe. And the contrast between the laces and shoes is quite substantial, where as brown, black and burgundy all have black laces normally so a bar lace is very sleek looking when it blends in, again that's more my style "look at the shoes, not the laces".



                    hornsup - I would do the reverse and do what Vicious did with his left shoe so that the cross-cross pattern is identical all the way up.

                    But to answer your question, I always do bar lacing on balmorals and only on balmorals.

                    I tried it on my Dalton boots (blucher) and felt it looked contrived. Instead of being a cool high/low fashion thing, it just looked out of place.



                      I prefer alternate crosses. Easier on the eyelets and faster to loosen and tighten



                        Personally, I think straight bar lacing is essential for balmorals and dressier bluchers.



                          I dont pay attention to how I lace my shoes to be honest..maybe I should. I dont like bar lacing on sneakers, but dress shoes are fine.

                          I do find that mose of the laces I get with my shoes are too long, JUNK, and they end up snapping apart. arg!!



                            I used bar lacing when I first got my strands, but the difficulty tightening far out-weighed any perceived visual benefit. I switched back over to standard criss-cross lacing and have never had a second thought about it.

                            Looks good to me (borrowed pic)

                            Different strokes for different folks I suppose.



                              I prefer the bar on balmorals and cross on blutchers

                              @acoustic - are your trees full or combo toe?

                              - if full, how do you like them? are they able to get all the way up to the toe box?